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Earlier today, confusion abounded when Oslo Storm GM Thomas Landry was unsure of whether starting goalie Martin Brookside had access to the locker room. This confusion is completely understandable, as Brookside hasn't exactly made himself known at practice and has just been coasting by on his natural talent, which for some reason he insists on calling "carryover points" which isn't a term that makes any sense to us. In fact, the comment about whether Brookside had locker room access was at a practice, a big one for the team and the first one Brookside has attended all season. There is some debate as to whether this will spark a trend for him and get him to keep coming to practice, or whether it is just a one-off and he's back to trying to coast. It's been proven time and time again in this league, coasting will generally succeed in the VHLM but in the VHL, it's just going to backfire. Brookside has started to see how he's having a harder time in games against people who attend practice, but will it be enough to get him to do the same?


Brookside's disappearance from practice comes as no small shock, given the agency he plays for, but then again, each player is his own and no history within an agency can guarantee the next guy will turn out the same. Nonetheless, a lot is being asked of Brookside for his career (he's already expected to be the future franchise goalie of the Calgary Wranglers due to his ties with their GM, and he's not even on the team yet) and the pressure is on to produce. 

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