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Who Wants to be a General Manager?


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"'Who Wants to be a General Manager?' is the newest and coolest reality series to hit the VHL."

-New York Times


"This show will be a ratings hit for TSN 2"

-Globe and Mail


"Is it like who wants to be a millionaire? I like that show, the host is a MILF"

-35 Year Old Newspaper Delivery Boy


Who Wants to be a General Manager?


The reviews are in for the next big reality television show and they are all positive as far as we are concerned. What the hell is 'Who Wants to be a General Manager?' your asking right now. Well it's your shot to finally prove yourself worthy.



Would you crumble under the pressure or pull off that move that wins your team the Continental Cup?


Could you stay up late at night to persuade free agents to sign with your team, only to have them sign with your rival?


If you answered 'Breaking Bad' to either of the questions above then we want you to apply for the reality series. It will be a grinding application process and only the best will make the show. Your application will be reviewed by our highly trained scouting staff and looked over by the producers before an interview is conducted. If you are interested please wait for the application to be released in the next few days.

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