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Effort: 1.75/2 - Not too much done here visually. One, maybe two stocks it looks like.


Look: 2.5/3 - Looks pretty good...but quite boring. Focal could use more attention since the background is so busy. A blur or better lighting would help. Text is decent but the colour switch doesn't usually work too well. It usually works better to make a background for the text.


Creativity: 1/1 - Keep it up, just needs a bit more.


Total: 5.25/3

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Effort: 2/2 - I love this.


Look: 2.75/3 - As simple as it is, this really works. I dig it a lot. I do agree with Jack about the focal needing more attention. Some light blurring would have helped this, but I really dig the effects and everything. 


Creativity: 1/1 - Sure


Total: 5.75/6

Overall: 6/6

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