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How to Earn TPE

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There are a lot of ways to earn TPE for your player in the VHL and while this may be daunting at first as a new member, it is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. 


The first thing to understand is the difference between capped and uncapped TPE. Capped TPE counts against a weekly limit of 12 capped TPE per week. Uncapped TPE does not count against this limit.



In the VHL, there is a limit of 12 capped TPE that can be earned each week. Capped TPE includes:


1. Point Tasks

The Point Task section can be found here.


Weekly point tasks are the primary way to earn TPE for your player. You can do one of these each week and there are 3 main options to complete them: writing a Media Spot (a 500 word article), creating a graphic (typically a signature but can be other things), or recording a podcast. Either of these will earn you 6 capped TPE as soon as you complete them. Your point task can be about virtually anything so long as it is at least slightly VHL-related.


Additionally, for every 500 words your article has, extends the amount of weeks you're able to claim that in your players updates.


500 words = 1 week (6 TPE)

1,000 words = 1 week (6 TPE)

1,500 words = 1 week (6 TPE)

2,000 words = 1 week (6 TPE)


On weeks where you may not have time to complete one of the above point tasks, we offer another option: Welfare. By posting in the Welfare thread, you will earn 3 capped TPE - however, this will count as your point task for the week. Later once you grow your player a bit, you may graduate to a pension plan where you can earn up to 5 TPE for a welfare claim. More information on Welfare can be found here.


2, Articles or VHL Radio Podcasts

These are the second method of earning capped TPE each week and can be found here. You can complete 1 of either of these every week.


A Article is a short, 150-word piece of writing that will immediately earn you 2 capped TPE. Graphics (for example, a player card) are also accepted in this section. 


A VHL Radio Podcast is simply a short podcast - it only needs to a few minutes and will earn you 2 capped TPE. 


Like Point Tasks, the topic of either of these can be pretty much anything as long as it VHL-related in some way. 


3. League Jobs

It takes a lot of people to keep everything in the VHL running and, as such, we frequently post in the job interviews section to hire new members. Jobs typically offer you 1, 2, or 3 capped TPE per week depending on the job. Certain jobs will pay more, for example recruitment members earn a total of up to 12 TPE per week. 


Jobs are the best way to get consistent TPE on top of your weekly point task and get more involved with the league in the process. 


4. Press Conferences

All players can earn up to 2 TPE per week through Press Conferences, by way of any combination of the following:

  •  1 TPE for asking 5 unique questions in other players press conferences
  •  1 TPE for answering 3 questions in your own press conference


A maximum of 2 TPE are allowed to be earned each week through press conferences and you may only gain TPE from asking or answering once - not twice.



Uncapped TPE is extra TPE that does not count against the weekly TPE cap. There is many sources of uncapped TPE:


VHLM Practice Facility

The Practice Facility is the easiest source of uncapped TPE for new members. All VHLM players are eligible to post in the weekly Practice Facility Thread and claim 2 uncapped TPE if you're a VHLM player and 1 uncapped TPE if you're in the VHL.


Biography/Rookie Profile

Biographies and Rookie Profiles are special point tasks that can be completed once per career, at any time you like. A biography is a 1000 word fictional account of your players life. It will earn you 10 uncapped TPE upon completion. A Rookie Profile is a 500 word 'scouting report', and it will earn you 8 uncapped TPE upon completion


Fantasy Zones

The VHL and VHLM Fantasy Zones are great sources of uncapped TPE. Everyone can participate in the VHL Fantasy Zone, however the VHLM Fantasy Zone is restricted to VHLM players only. Each zone works the same way and you can get more details on how to participate in them here. Yearly Award Predictions and Victory Hockey Fantasy League are also great ways to earn uncapped TPE, they are however only open in the off-season.


League Giveaways

The league will often do giveaways during holidays or special events, for example, we sometimes offer a 'doubles week' around the time of our All-Star game. A doubles week means that everyone earns double TPE from their point task for that week, so it's essentially 6 uncapped TPE. We also sometimes give out 'free weeks', and that means you can claim 6 TPE for your point task without actually doing a point task - TPE from this would be considered capped, though.


Recruitment Rewards

Perhaps the most lucrative source of uncapped TPE, recruitment rewards will give you a lot of uncapped TPE for recruiting new members to the forum. We frequently hold recruitment drives that pump up the rewards even more, but you can find information on the standard recruitment rewards here.


If you have any questions about this, feel free to PM me, your VHLM GM, or pretty much anyone else. Lots of people happy to help.

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