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It seems like things are slowing down around the league right now, but this happens every season. Right around the corner is the traded deadline and when that swings around we will see the wave of players joining the league which will give a boost to the activity around the site, I’m sure. The All Star game is also coming around so that will get people excited hopefully. With that I assume will come an opportunity for double TPE or some sort of activity for the league. While things are kind of slumping right now, it won’t last too long.

Riga has struggled a little bit this season. With the development of our players I expected a performance better than last season, but there have been a few bumps in the road for sure. We’ve managed to pull ahead of Helsinki though with two wins over Toronto for no good reason. If things keep up at this pace, we’ll be seeing Davos vs. Riga once again in the first round and I think everyone would like to see how that plays out. Elsewhere, Stockholm’s pick looks like it’ll be first overall if the lottery isn’t rude to me. As I said last week, while this draft may be weak overall, that top pick will still result in a great player for Riga so I’ll hope for the best!

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