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Pussy Petenis just ruined my illusions about reaching 400 hit mark. BTW, before this sim I checked S18-50 indexes (the first 17 ain't working) and found out that the best result is 423 hits. Well, that wasn't really the goal: I knew that it's not impossible, but still too hard to reach...but I wanted at least 400 hits (now Gunča has 372) to make a guaranteed 20 TPE from the achievement tracker. 8 games left for Ottawa, and it's really for Gunča Vaginis to reach that...if he will stop to produce some pussy games like the last two against TWO WORST teams in VHLM right now. 


I find it's hard for me to write an articles. Hell, I can't even produce 200 words without struggling. There were time when I could make an article with ease, but something happened to me. Even tho I shouldn't be surprised - it happens with me every time and I said it in one of my articles earlier - one month in SBA, one month in VHL, one month in some other league. I never was consistent one league guy. At least I hope I'll reach at least 600 TPE with Petenis, otherwise it's gonna be another Benjamin case. 

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