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Shayne Gow - All Star

Fire Tortorella

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Shayne Gow - All Star


Being invited to participate in the VHL All Star game is a privilege that only a select few (probably about 75% of the league) get to experience at least once during their playing career. Young rookie defenseman Shayne Gow has already been determined to be one of the 8 best defensemen in the league, as he was selected by the Board of Governors and members of the Victory Hockey League to participate in the upcoming All Star festivities. While the game itself is an honor to play in, being selected to a team also comes with other perks, namely VIP passes to the area night clubs and hotels, as well as increasing the players reputation outside of Helsinki, where Shayne plays for the Titans.


"I'm honored that Mr. Power selected me to play for his team. I would have had no problem playing for either team, but I'm just happy I wasn't selected last in the draft. Would have been nice to get a car, but the ribbing from teammates and the opposition would have been too much."

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