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S52 Draft


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:vhl:Impressive Draft Class:vhl:

The upcoming VHL draft is anything but stellar, but with the passing of the league’s trade deadline prospects have started to roll in for the Season Fifty-Two draft. Thankfully for the league, it doesn’t look as if it will suffer through two awful drafts thanks to the influx of quality players lining up for the Season Fifty-Two draft. A total of seventeen players have already declared themselves eligible for the draft and it’s over a season away still. The draft currently has a great mix of players with carryover and players without. The number one prospect heading into the draft this season in goaltender Apollo Skye, and the Season Fifty-Two draft is shaping up to be the same with goaltender Edwin Threencarnacion leading the pack out of the gate. Teams around the VHL would love to line up and get behind the podium at most drafts, but with the talent available, Season Fifty-Two draft picks are going to be a hot commodity  

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