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Well, this kinda sucks. I mean not everything sucks I guess. My player Reencarnacion is leading the league in goals right now, that part is great, awesome in fact as if I kept that up, I’d win the third Brooks trophy of my career (Only Scotty Campbell has had more Brooks trophies). However, winning that is a big if right now. While I do lead at the minute, there’s still too many games left to play to feel like I have anything in the bag, and those games I have left is what sucks. Unfortunately, due to some schedule weirdness this season, Reencarnacion won’t actually be playing the full 72 games this season. There wasn’t really much I could have done about it in truth, I could have traded myself after Game 252, which would have given me the full 72 game season, but that would have meant playing for the Americans against the Legion in 251 as opposed to me playing for the Legion against the team I GM, and that was a game I scored 2 goals in, a result I probably wouldn’t repeat if I was on the Americans.


I have a feeling that Lincoln or another Quebec player will overtake me for other reasons before it gets to the latter end of the season, but it will be a shame if I miss out on the trophy from playing one less game.

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