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(S52) - D Tomas Syndergaard


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Saskatoon offers $1,000,000 and meets the Syndergaard's demands:


1 - A different type of craft root beer before each game must be supplied free of cost. The price cannot be taken from the player's salaries.


2 - The team for which they play must have at least two colours in their logo. If they don't the players are open to any changes the league or general manager's may present.


3 - Finally, both player's must be reserved seats beside each other on seperate sides of the aisle when on the bus or plane. As well the team and it's players must sign a waiver before entering the bus or plane saying they will not sue should either of the Syndergaard's decide to casually stick their foot out as someone walks by. This includes any breaks, injuries, or other notable damage to personal property.

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