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I'm getting close, guys. My defense will be at 92 1/4 after i add this into my update thread, and my strength is at 70, so all I need is 121 TPE to get everything I want updated. After that I will have to double check, but I think that's it. From then on it's bank city, baby!


I'm still on a quest for the most TPE ever by a first gen, though recent studies have left me a little conflicted. On one hand I'm only 223 away from being on the list, which is very easily achievable. On the other hand, however, that top spot seems increasingly harder and harder to get. If my calculations are correct, and I hope they aren't, then I would need to hit 717 TPE by the end of this season to be on pace, and I don't think I would be able to get 139 TPE before the end of S51. If I can, though, I'll be on pace to beat Remy LeBeau! So sadly I don't think I will break the record :( but on a positive note, I'm already really close to what I need to get to get third, so if I keep it up i should be able to grab that spot easily! So here's to hoping I can somehow catch up to LeBeau.


also, shoutout to @457 and @754 for being awesome members and also earning me 2 uncapped TPE

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