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6 points pls part 4 [Reviewed]

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Here we go again, another week and another edition of this Season 1 VHL Dispersal Draft review. In previous editions, we looked at the draft the Amstel Tigers, Calgary Wranglers and the Hamilton Canucks had. Now we are at the halfway mark with team number 4, the Helsinki Frostbite.


1st Round, 3rd Overall: Defenseman Jeff Downey

Reg.Season Career Stats: 216 GP | 49 G | 101 A | 150 P

Playoff Career Stats: 0 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P


I don't exactly remember this pick being this bad but in hindsight it really was. Jeff Downey was drafted 3rd overall and was expected to be a franchise defenseman. He did not live up to expectations at all as he only played in 216 games, scoring 49 goals and assisting on 101 goals for 150 points. Not a bad point total but you would want more than 216 games out of your 3rd overall pick. He also made 0 appearances in the post season. Yes you read that correctly 0 games played in the playoffs. Overall, this was not a very good way to start your franchise if you are the Helsinki Frostbite.


2nd Round, 14th Overall: Center Andrew Remeikis

Reg.Season Career Stats: 288 GP | 66 G | 114 A | 180 P

Playoff Career Stats: 14 GP | 1 G | 2 A | 3 P


The hits just keep coming for the Helsinki franchise when they selected Andrew Remeikis to be their number1 center. It's not that he was a bad player he was a solid 2nd possibly 3rd line center on a good team but he was no where near a 1st line player. His career stats of 288 games played, 66 goals, 114 assists and 180 points reflect that. He did however play in 14 playoff games recording 1 goal and 2 assists for 3 points. That is 14 more playoff games than Jeff Downey.


3rd Round, 19th Overall: Goaltender Sam LaFleur

Reg.Season Career Stats: 277 GP | 146 W | 107 L | 16 OTL | 0.897 SV% | 3.23 G.A.A | 9 SO | 0 A

Playoff Career Stats: 10 GP | 3 W | 4 L | 1 OTL | 0.857 SV% | 5.34 G.A.A | 0 SO | 0 A


Sam LaFleur was not a bad goalie for his era. His career record of 146-107-16 with a 0.897 save percentage and a 3.23 G.A.A was a testament to that. He played in arguably the VHL's highest scoring era and he played for some bad teams. He also played in 10 playoff games going 3-4-1 with an ugly 0.857 save percentage and a 5.34 G.A.A. This further proves that the teams he played for were pretty bad. He was able to get them to the dance but he could only do so much. Could have been better had he had better teams.


4th Round, 30th Overall: Defenseman Alex McNeil


Reg.Season Career Stats: 428 GP | 238 G | 396 A | 634 P

Playoff Career Stats: 35 GP | 24 G | 33 A | 57 P


Talk about a steal with your 4th round pick? The Helsinki Frostbite chose Alex McNeil 30th overall! the problem was that they traded him not to long after the draft. We won't get into that here but man what a career. He played in 428 games, scoring 238 goals and assisting on 396 goals for 634 points. That is not all, in the playoffs he is a 2 time champion in Season 4 and Season 5. He played in 35 playoff games, scoring 24 goals and assisting on 33 goals for 57 points! He also was moved to forward somewhere along the line but that did not stop him from reaching the Victory Hockey League Hall of Fame.


5th Round, 35th Overall: Right Wing Ricky Knight

Reg.Season Career Stats: 72 GP | 17 G | 15 A | 32 P

Playoff Career Stats: 0 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P


I think we have a long lost Knight brother here with Ricky Knight going to the Frostbite in the 5th round. He didn't amount to much playing only one season scoring 17 goals and assisting on 15 goals for 32 points in 72 games. He didn't make the playoffs in his one season in the VHL either. No wonder why Phil and David don't talk about Ricky, he is a disappointment.


6th Round, 46th Overall: Left Wing Alexi Fedorov

Reg.Season Career Stats: 72 GP | 14 G | 16 A | 30 P

Playoff Career Stats: 0 GP | 0 G | 0 A | 0 P


Here we have another 1 season wonder. The wonder part is how he played 1 season. In his 72 games, Fedorov scored 14 goals and assisted on 16 goals for 30 points. Not to good but not to bad I suppose. He didn't make the playoffs in his 1 season and we chalk up another loss to Helsinki in this draft.


7th Round, 51st Overall: Defenseman Bruce Wayne


Reg.Season Career Stats: 289 GP | 42 G | 100 A | 142 P

Playoffs Career Stats: 18 GP | 0 G | 3 A | 3 P


We quite possibly have the best 7th round pick ever in the form of Batman himself. Bruce Wayne was a steal for the Frostbite in the 7th round, 51st overall. He played in 289 games, scoring 42 goals and assisting on 100 goals for 142 points in his career. He also suited up for 18 playoffs games amassing 3 assists for 3 points. Overall, compared to some of the other players taken in the 7th, he might as well have been Bobby Orr.



In my opinion, Alex McNeil is the obvious hit in the draft for the Frostbite but so is Bruce Wayne. An argument can be made for Sam LaFleur but I think he missed the cut just a bit. So 2/7 in this draft, not a very good start indeed.


:oldcgy:1. Calgary Wranglers - 5/8 = 62.5%

:ham:2. Hamilton Canucks - 3/7 = 42.9%

:ams:3. Amstel Tigers - 3/8 = 37.5%

:oldhel:4. Helsinki Frostbite - 2/7 = 28.5%

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This is well done. I saw at least one instance of using "to" instead of "too" so just be aware of that. I can't argue with your conclusions on each pick, both because I think you're right and I have no idea who any of these guys are. At 962 words you could have almost split this into two articles for 2 weeks. Keep up the good work, man. Can't wait for you to get to the Meute's draft where I got chosen lol, only 40-something seasons to go.

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