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While this year has not been disappointing for Sven Wolf, the young, Swedish center for the Seattle Bears, he managed to miss the voting cut-off for making his way into the VHL all-star game. Inactive plugs like AK-47 made their way in and currently league rapist Joal Jarvi. I guess that's what happens when there's only 3 players on the team and the sim still kicks out goals for that club. Anywho, Wolf is poised to bring his play to an new level, as he was seen working on his more physical side of the game and has been seen hitting the gyms a little harder. He had also taken up hitting practice with star veteran forward Zach Parechkin. 


We won't comment on Jarvi. We all know the least amount of players on a team and those players still have to get the points. Either way, he's having a good year. Cool to see and hope he hits some records. Just blows he retired again. As for the all-star shit.. sucks I've yet to be in it but I feel as though next year will be my year - especially with all secretive things considered.


4 Wolf

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