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Claimed:Aleksei on the move!


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Aleksei on the move!


They say there is a first time for everything and for Slava Aleksei this week marked the first time he had ever been traded. The winger was moved form bottom feeders Bratislava to one of the leagues better teams, the Brampton Blades. In the move, Aleksei is moving across the world from one continent to another and is expected to join the VHLM team as they make a playoff run. They have already clinched a playoff birth and sit third in the league with 36 wins and 77 points. They are led by veteran minor league player Roman Sokolov who has 77 points and could be a mentor of sorts for the draft eligible Belorussian. 




Prior to the move Aleksei was playing good hockey with 12 points in 16 games. He has since picked up zero points in 2 games in Brampton. Despite this, the key thing for his game so far has been the effort he has shown each and every shift in his new home. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and despite the lack of offense thus far, Aleksei has been a hard worker on the Blades second offensive unit. Being that this was the first time the European winger has made his home outside of Europe, there has been a bit of a culture shock, but he says the biggest change has been the time switch between Bratislava and Brampton. 


In Aleksei's second game for Brampton, the team beat Saskatoon by a score of 4-2 through a total team effort which saw four different goal scorers. Although Alesksey did not get a point in that game, his coaches had much to say on his performance. "We thought he worked hard all game," said the Blades head coach, "the offense will come, but the hard work is something you have to have inside you." The Season 54 draftee is not worried about his lack of offense playing on the Blades second unit. He knows it is his draft year, but he says VHL teams can look at his past in Europe if they want to see the offensive potential he has. 


Since declaring for the draft, Aleksei has been placed as the 15th best prospect for the upcoming draft. Despite being a newcomer, he is expected to have a chance to rise up the rankings, especially as more GM's tune in to watch his games for the playoff bound Blades. The rankings now have a new top prospect as well with Markus King being named the new top prospect as his performance of late has seen him leapfrog Chinese superstar Fook Yu and in to the projected top pick. The third prospect is Torstein Ironside who has himself jumped one spot over Aleksei Federov. The only other change in the top ten saw Verner Reinholdt make his way in to the top 10, jumping up an impressive five sports from where he was a weak prior. The question now will be if Slava Aleksei can jump in to the top 10 of the draft before the draft. He has all the tools to do it, but the question of how much exposure he will garner as a new prospect will remain up int he air. 

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Welcome to Brampton @Tyler! Good piece of writing, keep on picking up the TPE! Visually, quite easy on the eyes, but you might want to proofread it before submitting next time. There were quite a few spelling mistakes, including your own player's name once. :ph34r:

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