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RIP Sweet Prince

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This will be my last update for Shawn Muller, with the season ending soon ish, I don't think it is worth it to add in a few extra tpe in other places since it will take a bit of tpe to get them up by 1 attribute. Skating will be up to 95 after this update just in time for playoffs and the final player page will look like this:


CK = Checking: 81
FG = Fighting: 40
DI = Discipline: 64
SK = Skating: 95
ST = Strength: 90
PH = Puck Handling: 90
FO = Face Offs: 54
PA = Passing: 90
SC = Scoring: 99
DF = Defense: 95
PS = Penalty Shot: 62
EX = Experience: 89
LD = Leadership: 40


that should be a pretty nice build and especially for a player who has been regressed 3% 4% and 5%. As you can see that is not the regular regression rates and I can't stress enough how important it is to buy those store purchases that allow you to knock regression down a notch. It really does help. This season, Muller has 40 goals and 36 assists for 76 points in 58 games. Not bad for an old timer. He is also having a very fine season as a two way player with 242 hits on the season. Overall I can say this is the most fun I've had as a player and my one regret was spending the extra season down in the VHLM. I probably would be saying that if we had won the VHLM championship in back to back season but instead we lost in 7 games. Oh well now I know for Gretz that staying down an extra year isnt worth it. It remains to be seen what will happen with gretz though as I plan to stay with one team for as long as that one team wants my player instead of the nomad Muller was in his career. I cant wait to see what happens. 

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