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VHL's New Hit Leader


Heading into Season 53 in the VHL, there has been a record held by one player for quite a long time. David Smalling has held claim to the hit record in the VHL since Season 34. His record has stood as 2692 since then. No player has hit the 2700 mark barrier up until this season in the VHL, 19 seasons later.


This season, current Seattle Bears All-Star, and long time Toronto Legion forward, set a huge milestone in the Victory Hockey League. While Parechkin has had many accolades throughout his career, and is gunning for his fourth Continental Cup, his new record will set him apart from the pack. Who knows how many people will remember Zach Parechkin years into the future. Now, when you look at the big hitters in the VHL, Zach Parechkin sits at the number one spot, above everyone else. Zach "P" currently has 2738 hits at the 65 game mark, with only 7 regular season games left in his career. He most likely will not nail that 2800 mark, but anything is possible. I do doubt it, however.






If you look at the top ten players in hits in the VHL, you can also see that many of them are from more recent times. For example, Lord Karnage was putting his reign on the VHL within the last 10 seasons. Bronson Faux is up there as well, and Edwin Encarnacion. Xin Xie Xiao, Bruno Wolf, and Brennan McQueen are not too far off either. Maybe big time hitters in the VHL has become a more recent trend in this post-expansion era? A lot of the top recorded hit makers are there, and of course now the leader is from a player who is retiring in S53.


Whatever the case, this is a milestone that Zach maybe did not expect to hit. Parechkin was very much modeled after Alexander Ovechkin in the NHL, and he seemed to bring exactly that type of game over to the VHL. He wanted to be a major goal scorer, while also being able to crash and bang, and dangle his way to the net. He has done just that.


Let's take a look at the comparisons between Zach Parechkin's 8 seasons in the VHL and Alex Ovechkin's first 8 seasons in the NHL. Mind you, Parechkin still has 7 games left.


Zach Parechkin: GP: 569 / G: 372 / A: 401 / P: 773

Alex Ovechkin: GP: 601 / G: 371 / A: 364 / P: 735


Of course these are different leagues, and one is probably more real than the other one, but who's to say? Zach Parechkin playing less games than his idol did better than him. Successful modeling of a player? I suppose so. Parechkin's 773 points as of right now have him just past Sterling Labatte's 772 as well, and he will climb the point rankings a little more before the season is over.



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