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My second year in VHL is close to being over, or well the regular season is. Quebec will be playing some playoff hockey this year! At the moment we are sitting on the third position in the North-American conference with 71 points in 66 games. Calgary Wranglers is fourth with roughly 20 points less, so we have already started preparations for the playoffs. 


Before I share what kind of plans we have for the playoffs, I want to focus on my little personal goals first. Last season I finished with 54 points in 72 games, now I already have 67 points in 66 games, so it´s been a career year so far, but now it looks like I have extremely good change to finish this year with the always so magical point per game pace, I will do whatever it takes to reach that goal. It´s always one thing to reach PPG pace as a forward, but as a defender? Those are the point totals that will move you from good defender - category to great defender - category really quickly. 




There is one area that is actually gone downhill when comparing to last year, it´s my shooting percentage. Last year it was bit over 10, now it´s under 8. Might not sound like much, but I have only scored 17 goals this season, I scored 20 last year, but I have also shot way more this season. It can of course be just bad luck, maybe I have hit the post few more times or is there something else behind it? I don´t want to start anything with this, but the passes I get from my teammates are rather poor sometimes. Especially on the powerplay, I´m not saying any names either, but some of these guys like to throw the saucer pass around,  I cant shoot the puck right away if the saucer pass is fluttering, I need to take the puck under my control first and then shoot or pass. When I spend second or two in controlling the puck, goalie can usually cover any open net there is and I have really hard time to score with a direct shot at least.


I´m hoping I manage to score few more goals and reach at least 20 goals again. I reckon that would put me really close to the point per game pace as well. 




I mentioned the playoffs being something we get to play this year in Quebec, we have spent the last week or two in making sure everybody is ready and focused, especially our own zone has been something that we have worked on even more than usually. Six teams will be playing in the playoffs, in total of five teams have scored 200 or more goals already, Quebec is at 151 now, so it goes without saying that we need to be able to get out of our zone fast and keep shifts as short as possible. Some of these teams have insane amount of firepower in their rosters, we need to focus on eliminating their chances and fight back with counter attacks. 


Luckily there is still some time before the playoffs start, we can use the remaining regular season games to practice and improve some of our weak points!

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