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Bears closing in on 2nd Victory Cup


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The Bears lost out in the playoffs last season in 5 games to the New York Americans. It was quick, but unfortunately not painless for the team. With a lot of build up in the season and an impressive regular season performance, the team was expecting a lot more come time for playoffs. Though the quick loss happened in the blink of an eye, a good thing the team can take out of the season if you're the "glass half full" type of guy is that they walked away with the victory cup. In my mind, you can keep the Victory Cup if you don't win the cup itself. While it is a great accomplishment to be crowned champions of the regular season, the big goal is to win the playoffs and be crowned the overall champions. To each their own.


Yet, we find the the Bears in a similar position as last season. The Bears have a 6 point lead on the American's with 112 points/106 points and are looking to claim their 2nd Victory Cup in a row. Though a great accomplishment, the Bears are hoping to have the season play out a little different than it did last season as they're more than likely to face up against the American's in a rematch for the ages. 


Clocks ticking. Guess we'll find out soon. 



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