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Over the last two media spots I have worked on, I went back through time to give us a look at the things that went on before the season one dispersal draft. That was part one, in part two I went and gave a look at what happened in first round of the draft. Now I'm going to talk about the second of the draft. 


2nd Round - 9th Overall - Vasteras IK, Goaltender Matthew Pogge


Matthew Pogge is one of the most underrated goalies ever to lace up the pads. Most people don't give him the respect he deserves. He was part of an undermanned VHL championship team. He held the Calgary Wranglers at bay. He was one of the first inductees to the Victory Hockey League hall of fame. This was a very important and crucial selection for the Vasteras IK franchise. 


2nd Round - 10th Overall - Toronto Legion, Center Ryan Downey


Center Ryan Downey had a lot of potential. Key word obviously here being had, this was a pick that did not pan out. It happens to the best of us, think Hugh Jessiman in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. There really isn't much else to say about Mr. Ryan Downey other than thank you and your brother Jeff for being the first set of brothers to bust in the VHL.


2nd Round - 11th Overall - Calgary Wranglers (from Amstel Tigers), Goaltender Drew Barclay


This was a very interesting draft selection for the Wranglers. Although another goaltender by the name of Jesus Christ was still on board, they kind of went off the board with this selection. Brett Slobodzian must have been in contact with Barclay leading up to the draft bypassing Jesus Christ for Drew Barclay. At first the move looked good as Barclay went 69-3-0 but that is more of a statement of the team he played for. 


2nd Round - 12th Overall - Seattle Everblades, Center Tyler Toews


Tyler Toews, this player had a long career surprisingly. He never really went to practice but managed to carve out a career as a depth player. Never playing more than a 3rd line role I'd say he did well. Good on you Tyler Toews for toughing out a VHL career the hard way.


2nd Round - 13th Overall - Stockholm Thunder, Left Wing Chris Julien


Well talk about a steal. This pick changed the course of Stockholm; He was what Chris Phillips is to Ottawa. A player who never really got the respect he deserved for staying with a team through the good times and bad. I respect Julien a lot for his decisions for staying with the Thunder and even becoming the GM at one point. You deserve a pat on the back buddy. 


2nd Round - 14th Overall - Helsinki Frostbite, Center Andrew Remekis


Much like Tyler Toews drafted two spots ahead of him, Andrew played a career as a depth player. He had played all four seasons of his career in Helsinki. This was player who did not reach expectations as a 2nd round draft pick. Although he had a decent career it fell well short of expectations he had when he was drafted in this position. 


2nd Round - 15th Overall - Hamilton Canucks, Goaltender Jesus Christ


Our lord and saviour Jesus Christ being drafted in the 2nd round, Well isn't that something. What an insult. While with Canucks he held them in most games. He had to stand on his head quite a bit, which he seemed to like. He liked the heavy workload; he wanted to face lots of rubber. That's just the kind of goalie he was. 


2nd Round - 16th Overall - Amstel Tigers, Left Wing Petr Shirokov


What can I say about Petr Shirokov that hasn't already been said? He was drafted as a Winger but due to needs in Amstel he switched from winger to defenseman. The switch went smoothly as he was selected as an all-star later that season. Also during season 1 he was named GM of the Amstel Tigers as the executive who drafted him (JJ Krever) stepped down as GM. He won the Sam Pollock Memorial Trophy as GM of the Year. What a very interesting first year for Mr. Shirokov. 


Now after all that here's how the rest of the draft went down:


17. Calgary Wranglers: Brad Janssen
18. Hamilton Canucks: Adrian McCreath
19. Helsinki Frostbite: Sam Lafleur
20. Stockholm Thunder: Ookie Mexico
21. Seattle Everblades: Tyler Vassell
22. Amstel Tigers: Ondrej Skokan 
23. Toronto Legion:Slava Trukno
24. Vasteras IK: Dean McIntosh

25. Vasteras IK: Jonathan McKelvie
26. Toronto Legion: Ron Mexico
27. Amstel Tigers: Juan De La Martinez
28. Seattle Everblades: Danny Tremblay
29. Stockholm Thunder: Peter Vishofski
30. Helsinki Frostbite: Alex McNeil
31. Hamilton Canucks: Tahk Paccenn
32. Calgary Wranglers: Lucas Smith

33. Vasteras IK(From Calgary Wranglers)Aaron Hill
34. Hamilton Canucks: Donald Bartch
35. Helsinki Frostbite: Ricky Night
36. Stockholm Thunder: Steve Kent
37. Seattle Everblades: Steve Morin
38. Amstel Tigers: Yaroslav Mikaiholavich
39. Toronto Legion: Michael Arsenault
40. Calgary Wranglers( from Vasteras IK): Shawn Howard


41. Calgary Wranglers( from Vasteras IK)Cody Banks
42. Toronto Legion: Franz Lindemann
43. Amstel Tigers: Alex Stokes
44. Seattle Everblades: Sam Martin
45. Stockholm Thunder: Jon Arsenault
46. Helsinki Frostbite: Alexei Fedorov
47. Hamilton Canucks: Geordie Carragher
48. Calgary Wranglers: Reg Vaillancourt

49. Calgary Wranglers: Jeremy Lamborghini
50. Hamilton Canucks: John Pereira
51. Helsinki Frostbite: Bruce Wayne
52. Stockholm Thunder: Marian Oshie
53. Seattle Everblades: Waldo Cezar
54. Amstel Tigers: Justin Westrum
55. Toronto Legion: Jeff Van Slacker

56. Amstel Tigers(From Vasteras IK):Nick Ovechkin


*next week you will see where im going with this as to why i havent been talking that much about their careers*

**tried using pics but i couldnt or some BS, not allowed on this site IDK**

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Content: 3/3 - Very good look back in time at the very beginning of our esteemed league. Even without the rest of the draft pasted, still had more than enough content.
Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't see a single mistake, major props to you.
Appearance: .5/1 - The site doesn't accept certain file extensions, it typically wants images where the url ends in .jpg, .png, etc. It doesn't like the ones that like in img=2948763 and won't let you use them most times. The site does allow images and I find it hard to believe that you couldn't find even one image it would accept. Not like it hurts you in the long run anyway though.
Overall: 5.5/6 - cmon-man.jpg
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