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Hey guys, in mid February, I am thinking about doing a spur of the moment trip to Thailand while I am able to. This fall I will be pretty much locked into a 4 year apprenticeship program, and this probably one of the only times between now and the 4 years I will be able to travel. I have good knowledge about Thailand, but was just curious if anyone has ever been there? I am planning on backpacking and living for relatively cheap, staying in hostels, eating off cheap food trucks. My main destination will probably end up being Phucket because I have a friend that lives there, who I want to hangout with for a week or two. If anyone has ever been and has some tips for me or anything I should know, let me know! Also I've done a decent amount of backpacking, last year I went with a couple friends around Mexico for 2 months, was quite the adventure.  Hopefully some of you have been and have some tips for me :)

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My neighbour went to Thailand. Don't get super high on drugs and pass out on random couches without a BFF drunkenly recallig that's where you're at.

But srsly, if you're going to Thailand you're going to YOLO. There's gonna be hot lady men, you should

Fuck them.

Loljk I'm wasted.

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