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What Scares Me

Runny Nose

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Note: Sorry about the face claim. I know nothing about the players so I have no clue about Brookside's face.


"Martin Brookside of the Bratislava Watchmen"

We caught up to Randal when he was walking out of the gym in order to ask him a few questions. Sadly, we managed to only ask him a question as he said he was busy after the first question ended. But as people always said, quality over quantity and this was quite the detailed and fascinating answer. We asked him about what scared him the most and this was his answer:

"What scares me the most, huh?" he paused then showed a small grin which disappear as soon as it appears, "Well frankly, a guy like Brookside. He scares me. I'm glad he's my teammates because I love and hate guys like him the most. He's like a gatekeeper, a protector or a Cerberus. I lost track of many times he crushed a man's dream. When you finally thought you could score a goal then bam, he's in front of you crushing your dream and hope. His presence alone, is scary. There's always time when you feel really hopeless because it's your last chance to tie or win the game but he's there to make sure that doesn't happen. He's too reliable that he's scary. The other time, I was there defending, I saw a guy shooting aiming for the tie but was stopped by that man Brookside. I saw a smile on his lips and the despair on his opponent's eyes. That is just scary. A guy like him who would just uttered a small laugh after crushing someone else's hope is frightening - more precisely, he's the type of guy who scares me the most."

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