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With the conclusion of the Season 1 VHL Dispersal Draft, we are ready to get Season 1 started. After the draft though, a couple of interesting trades were made. 


To Amstel Tigers:


Center Franz Lindemann


To Toronto Legion:


Center Yaroslav Mikaiholovich


This trade was basically a no name for a no name. After the trade happened though, Franz turned out to be half decent as a fill in depth player while Yaroslav retired after just one season. 


To Toronto Legion:


Defenseman Alex McNeil


To Helsinki Frostbite:


Defenseman Ron Mexico

*Conditional Draft Pick, S2 2nd round draft pick if Toronto makes the playoffs, S2 4th round draft pick if they don't make the playoffs*


Well at least GM Alexander redeemed himself after trading for Yaroslav. With quite possibly the steal of Season 1, Alexander traded for a hall of famer with essentially a 2nd round draft pick as Ron Mexico did not pan out at all. Props to you Mr. Aiden Alexander for making this mastermind trade happen.


To Hamilton Canucks: 


S1 Supplementary 1st round draft pick (3rd overall)


To Amstel Tigers:


S1 Supplementary 1st round draft pick (7th overall)

S2 2nd round draft pick


This was essentially a trade that could go both ways. We won't know how it turned out until I talk about the Supplementary draft and the Season 2 VHL Entry Draft.


To Helsinki Frostbite:


Defenseman Juan de le Martinez


To Amstel Tigers:


S1 Supplementary 1st round draft pick (6th overall)

S2 2nd round draft pick


Well in hindsight this was an even trade, but now after we look back it was a bad trade, Martinez didn't develop as hoped and was a bust. The draft picks given up helped give Amstel future depth as in two trades GM JJ Krever acquired back to back picks in the Supplementary draft and two future 2nd round draft picks.  



Free Agents


Calgary Wranglers


A few days after the draft the Calgary Wranglers bid farewell to Shawn Howard, releasing him to free agency on July 30th 2007.


Amstel Tigers


On July 31st 2007, the Amstel Tigers released the following players: Nick Ovechkin, Alex Stokes and Justin Westrum. After this commotion of releases, GM JJ Krever scooped in a signed defenseman Shawn Howard. It was a 3 year deal which paid 2.5 million per.


Supplementary Draft


For those of you who don't know, when the Season 1 Dispersal draft concluded, we had an influx of new members who joined. These players we drafted as part of the Supplementary draft so they would only be with the team for one season and be re-entered in the Season 2 draft. 


First Round - 1st overall - Vasteras IK, RW Jon Clarke

First Round - 2nd overall - Toronto Legion, D Keyser Soze

First Round - 3rd overall - Hamilton Canucks (From Amstel Tigers), LW Jon Church

First Round - 4th overall - Seattle Everblades, RW Christian Stolzschweiger

First Round - 5th overall - Stockholm Thunder, RW Guillaume Latendresse

First Round - 6th overall - Amstel Tigers (From Helsinki Frostbite), G Chris Orosz

First Round - 7th overall - Amstel Tigers (From Hamilton Canucks), C Michael Chabot

First Round - 8th overall - Calgary Wranglers, D Sterling Labatte

Second Round - 9th overall - Calgary Wranglers, RW Shawn Crowley

Second Round - 10th overall - Hamilton Canucks, RW Joe Gilman

Second Round - 11th overall - Helsinki Frostbite, RW Oscar Keller

Second Round - 12th overall - Stockholm Thunder, G Jason Rendell

Second Round - 13th overall - Seattle Everblades, C Robbie Zimmers

Second Round - 14th overall - Amstel Tigers, RW Chris Maher

Second Round - 15th overall - Toronto Legion, RW Brannan Anthony 

Second Round - 16th overall - Vasteras IK, C Nevets Detroit

Third Round - 17th overall - Vasteras IK, G Joseph Baker

Third Round - 18th overall - Toronto Legion, G Zach Henning

Third Round - 19th overall - Amstel Tigers, LW Marrko St.Urho

Third Round - 20th overall - Seattle Everblades, RW Peter Foster

Third Round - 21st overall - Stockholm Thunder, D Johan Lujibudikoha

Third Round - 22nd overall - Helsinki Frostbite, RW LeRoy Jenkins

Third Round - 23rd overall - Hamilton Canucks - LW Chris Levver

Third Round - 24th overall - Calgary Wranglers - C Guillame Fertier


Since this draft class only stayed with the teams for one season, I really can't say much other than this is where they went. This also concludes what went down in the wee hours before the draft in my next media spot however; I will finally get to talking about the Season 1 pre-season and beyond hopefully.

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Content: 3/3 - I always enjoy history lessons and this was no different. Thanks for the trip back in time. Even without the draft list, this still met the minimum word requirement, so definitely not lacking in content.
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty solid throughout.
fill in = fill-in
Supplementary draft = Supplementary Draft
Appearance: .5/1 - Wish this had a picture or two.
Overall: 5.5/6 - 
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Content: 3/3 - This takes me back. Plenty of these were such great players in their time and I had the pleasure to play with a few of them.


Grammar: 2/2 - Doomsday got 'em.


Appearance: .5/1 - It could've used a picture, and the draft list with the different colors for each team doesn't look very appealing, in my opinion.


Overall: 5.5/6


Final: 6/6

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