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Claimed:The Lethal Storm


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The lethal Storm was brewing and it was in a Rush, it scrambled over the Gladiators and their Blades. The Lynx from the Wild didn't dare to face the Storm. Yeah, no one in North America could survive the Storm, wait until next week when it was projected to the destroy its' way to Europe. Be afraid, be very afraid. It all started in Vasteras...
Luke Riggs' first day on the job in Vasteras, and he wasn't there long, GM whatever his name is, sent him down to the Oslo Storm. He reported there the very next day and got along pretty well with fellow teammate Kimmi Salo. Salo and him hit it off, talking for countless hours, and then it was their very first game together. A scouting report on Luke Riggs goes.. "An exciting player with an immense talent, Riggs is a game breaker and a natural goal-scorer who can score with ease thanks to his excellent one-timer and wrist shot. He likes to go top shelf and is pretty effective in doing so. Mainly an offensive player, Riggs needs to work on his defensive play and add some meat. He has very good hockey sense and is very difficult to contain due to his skills and skating."
Meanwhile, Salo was amazing in the net, playing so good, they got a shutout, for only their third victory of the season. A scout reported on him saying, "A hybrid butterfly goalie with excellent size and good overall skills, he uses his big frame to his advantage and challenges the shooters, although not always with the desired consistency. His rebound control needs work as does his concentration and positioning. He moves pretty well side to side and is tough to beat down low which are testaments to his conditioning and mobility." Another scout argued with that report, with one of his own, saying, "Cool as a cucumber between the pipes, Salo has continuously stepped up to a challenge when called upon and given the team in front of him a chance to win every night, though they didn't. Quick in his crease with great positioning, Salo seems to play better when he's kept busy. Though he never seems to get rattled and plays with the poise and maturity of a much older player, at times it appears his focus wanes. He also needs to continue to refine his rebound control." 
Well, whichever one may be right, Salo is amazing, no matter what each scout said. They say he will be up playing in the VHL in no time, Riggs, however needs to refine his game a lot and why not do that when he has help on the back end to make him "seem" better than he truly is, then maybe he'll earn a spot on Vasteras. Just remember, no one can stop a lethal storm.
The sim is rigged, no one stops a lethal Storm.. NEVER!
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Awesome to see you doing PT's, I am glad the encouragement from myself and others is paying off. Really well written, and I do believe if we keep progressing, we can make a second half run at the playoffs.

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Content: 3/3 - Always makes me happy to see guys in the VHLM active, hope to see more from you soon! The Storm's season has started tough, but they're really playing far better lately. We'll see if we can make it back to the Founder's Cup!
Grammar: 2/2 - Just one little thing:
its' way to Europe = its way to Europe
Appearance: 1/1 - SALO!
Overall: 6/6 - Well done!
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