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Claimed:Konstantin Azhishchenkov, 22 games in


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From being a wide-eyed junior player looking for a team in the VHLM to join, to being a 22 game veteran of the Ottawa Lynx, a lot has changed.


First off, this young man was named team captain and the first line center the day he stepped into the Ottawa locker room. This is a lot of responsibility to place on a rookie who was claimed on the waiver wire, but KJA embraced this gracious honor and did his various duties as captain and first line center.


Playing in his first game, the only thing that could have gone better was his team earning a win. KJA scored 2 goals in his debut and was a +1. Fast forward to game 22 of KJA’s VHLM career, and this young kid has 23 pts (11 goals and 12 assists): good for 4th on his team. Unfortunately, KJA has a dismal  -7 +/-. KJA will need to step up his defensive game to make sure there are less goals scored against his line.


The Ottawa Lynx are currently 8-18, but have won 5 of their last 6 games. Over those 6 games, KJA has had 9pts (4 goals and 5 assists) and is sporting a +1. This could mean a huge turn around for a rather disappointing season the Lynx have been having. With new line mates, Lien and Boychuk, KJA is in a prime spot to lead Ottawa to more victories.


All ready looking to the future, there is much debate on where the young Russian may land. Some are projecting him as a mid to late first round pick, while others are projecting him as a surprise top 3 pick. In discussion with KJA, he was open to being drafted anywhere.


I do not have a particular team I want to be drafted by because I honestly just want to be drafted. If there is a team willing to add me to their roster, I will definitely accept that opportunity graciously and play my hardest with them,” said KJA in an interview.


When asked about the speculation of his draft spot, KJA stated, “I do not pay much attention to the speculations of where I am going to be drafted. There is no reason to get to involved into draft speculation. I just get out there and do my best every shift.


Azhishchenkov time in Ottawa has so far been very memorable. Whenever KJA leaves the practice facility, before he can even get to the parking lot, exuberant fans immediately swarm him. 


“I love the fans here in Ottawa,” said KJA. “They make Ottawa my second home and give me confidence every time I take the ice.”


Coaches in Ottawa also enjoy what KJA has done for the franchise.


His work ethic is unmatched,” said GM Jim Gow. “His biography was exactly right: first to practice, last to leave. I hope that the other boys in the locker room follow his example.”




It will be interesting to see how KJA’s VHLM career continues and where he ends up being drafted, but one thing is for certain: KJA will work hard and do his best.

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Content: 3/3 - Keep up the good work, before you know it you'll be in the bigs doing some serious work!
Grammar: 2/2 - I didn't see anything wrong, great job!
Appearance: 1/1 - Yup, looks like the one image is broken but otherwise good.
Overall: 6/6 -  (Y)
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