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Season 37 Draft Futures



The Season 37 VHL Entry Draft will likely go down as one of the best in recent memory, but it won't be because of two quality recreating player agents, it will be on account of a new quality crop of first generation members. Usually the VHLM doesn't get enough spotlight, but this article will focus on some of the newest members and their players. I'm excited to see so many quality new members coming along and now I want to make a greater effort to retain them here. All of us hope these new players will bloom into superstars in their own right.




The Ottawa Lynx has a few new players on their roster. One of the most impressive new members is a fellow named D3vilsfire. This new member has a player named Konstantin Jaroslav Azhishchenkov and he is currently listed as a centre. The Russian is shaping up to become a sniper. Obviously more practice time will be required to get a proper read on this player, but he is off to a terrific start in practice. In just 26 games he has notched 32 points and been named first star in six games thus far. Certainly such success right out of the gate has many General Managers wondering where they'll be able to get him in the draft.


Projection: Mid to late first round pick.


Another impressive new addition to the league is a member named Woldenghore. The man with the banana avatar has looked equally impressive as D3vilsfire thus far staying active around the boards and collecting a nice sum of TPE so far. His player is Marcus Bjorkstrand, a left winger out of Denmark who looks to have a nice mix of skill. This player will likely be a point producer if he continues this rate of development. Through 20 games he has notched 13 points and recorded 39 hits. I've personally excited to see this member's development.




Projection: Mid to late first round pick.


Another great new member belongs to the Vasteras Jr. Eagles. RogueGinger is the new member who has blown the league away with two equally impressive opening media spots detailing the intricacies of statistics within our sim engine. Ginger owns Swedish centre Mikael Svensson who looks to be a nice mix of both sniping and passing. Svensson has been decent throughout 20 games, posting 13 points and 45 penalty minutes while helping the Iron Eagles hold down the third and final playoff spot in the European Conference. This particular member is of great interest to me, not only because he is one of my players, but because he has great potential to become one of our best.




Projection: Mid first round pick.


I'm quite excited for the next draft. My player is part of it, but who gives a fuck about that. I'd be really happy to see a number of these new members come up and rise above my player. We need to continue giving these new members some spotlight and showing them they are welcome. I know it can be daunting to join here and start from scratch, but I've seen lots of people come in and make an immediate impact on the league. I'm curious to see the next Braxton or Device join.

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Content: 3/3 - We've certainly gotten an excellent new crop of players, one that has the membership pretty excited. Here's to hoping the sim treats them well!
Grammar: 2/2 - Two little things:
I've personally excited = I'm personally excited
the next Braxton or Device = the next Braxton or Devise (?) 
Appearance: 1/1 - Yessum.
Overall: 6/6 - SIX IT IS!
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