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Anything you'd like to ask me for my first podcast? Ask within!


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After my guest spot on Blades of Steel with Joey Kendrick, all the motivating words on working on more podcast stuff really had me convinced on starting one up of my own. I guess you can still consider me a new guy around here so I may not have the knowledgeable insight on some league related discussions. This is where the rest of the site comes in! Ask me any kind of question you'd like to have answered by me on the podcast. It won't be strictly a Q & A, of course I'll have something about the league. This kind of method may go on for the first few episodes then I'll go into them with my own material in the future. Hopefully I can get one up by Sunday/Monday!


Thank you guys for helping out!

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Your guest appearance on my show went really well, are you hoping to take a segment from each podcast that you liked?

Give us a top 10 pick mock for the S37 Entry Draft in the VHL?

Eric Gelinas, real deal?

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How do you feel about being pushed for top goalie of this draft class?

Rank your top three destinations in the VHL.

When are you becoming an Islanders fan and joining the misery cult?

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