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Slaughter Update


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Top Season 37 draft prospect Tom Slaughter is having a decent season on an above average hockey team so far in Season 36. With close to 200 practice hours already logged and a ticket to play in the VHL already stamped for next season, the rookie forward was hoping to have a little more success at this point of the campaign. Thankfully for Slaughter, the season is only a third over and the team is sitting at the top of the league. The play-maker is struggling so far, but he is happy to see so many of his teammates having great success.


"I haven't put up as many points as I would like, but we can't always get what we want. I have been training hard and I really think I'll finish the season strong. We have such a talented team, it's almost impossible for everyone to get their licks in. I'm content playing on the top line and getting to shut the other team's top lines down. That's why I've been training my defence so I can come into the VHL as a more rounded player. I've also added more muscle because I am tired of being hit. I like to carry the puck and with that I need to play the body more myself," Slaughter said.

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