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Tremblay Found Behind Dumpster

Thomas Erdbrink – New York Times




New York, NY – At 6:50 AM on Tuesday morning the New York Police Department found a man passed out behind a dumpster in an alley on 8th Avenue.  Reports from the team now confirm that the man was New York Americans left winger Simon Tremblay.  Tremblay came to the Americans this offseason from the Calgary Wranglers in a deal with Keiji Toriyama in exchange for two draft picks.  Though his on ice production was solid in his first season in the VHL (34-38-72) Tremblay had several off season problems, often missing practice.  Tremblay has been part of the VHL’s substance abuse program since being drafted into the league back in season 34.  Team spokesperson Sam Helberg released a statement earlier this afternoon.


“The New York Americans have spoken with Simon about the situation.  He has been going through a tough time in his life and has made some poor decisions, which he is fully aware of.  After talking with Simon the Americans organization feel fully confident that he will be able to turn his act around.  I ask all of the fans to try and support Simon through this difficult time in his life.  Thank you for your time.”


It is unclear whether or not there will be team discipline handed down.


Tremblay Falling Through the Cracks?

Sterling – vhlsim.com correspondent




Bratislava, Slovakia - It has been no secret that throughout the years of the VHL many prospects have fallen through the cracks.  Some members in this league seem destined to only here to represent failing prospects.   For a while it has been a question whether or not Megan Anderson is one of those kinds of members.  Since joining the league back in season 21 Anderson has represented 4 different players.  None of them have made it past their third season in the VHL.  Her most recent prospect she scooped up from the QMJHL and was thought to be almost as promising as her first prospect (Derek Boogard). 


After a strong junior campaign with the Minot Gladiators (162-115-277 in 144 games) Tremblay had a decent rookie season with the Calgary Wranglers scoring 34 goals and 38 assists for 72 points in 72 games.  All during the season rumors were circulating that Tremblay had a drinking problem as he struggled to show up for practices.  After the season Tremblay was dealt for the 2nd time in his career to the New York Americans.  Now just 32 games in to the season Tremblay has been arrested for public intoxication.  This is all too familiar as the same situation happened with Anderson’s last prospect, Dave Mustaine.  The question remains will Tremblay continue to spiral out of control leading towards another early exit from the VHL?  Sources close to the team have told me that since the incident they have seen a total transformation from Tremblay.  American’s goalie coach Terrence Fong has even said that Tremblay has been coming to practice early and staying late these past few days.  Will it be enough to turn around a season and a half of destructive tendencies?  I suppose only time will tell, but I’m not sold yet.

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Content: 3/3- First off, welcome back Meg. Glad to see you came back and are deciding to keep working with Tremblay. I like the little back story giving a reason for your dissappearance. Overall interesting story, good job.


Grammar: 2/2- Just this one, but otherwise really nice job.


to only here to represent = Not sure what your doing here, but it sounds funny


Appearance: 1/1- Yup


Overall: 6/6

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