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Claimed:Entrance Music Pt.2


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Entrance Music


In Part one, I looked at the teams in the five teams in the North American Conference and today I will look the European Conference teams and the music they enter the ice to every night they play in their home rink.

Cologne Express: Nighttrain- Guns and Roses  





The Cologne Express were the one of the two expansion franchises to come into the league back in Season Thirty-One. The Express have changed the song the team enters the ice to at the beginning of each game each of the last five seasons, this Season Thirty-Six being no exception. With the team based in Germany the team has some pretty wild music playing in their area each and every night, but the team decided to pay respect to a band that at one point and time was the biggest international artist touring in Germany back in the last Eighties and early Nineties. The Express picked the song, “Nighttrain,” by the band Guns and Roses. Evgeni Chekhov leads the Express out of the tunnel each night while Slash hammers out the intro.



HC Davos Dynamo: Baba O’Riley- The Who





Victor Alfredsson took the reins to the Dynamo back before the Season Thirty-Five VHL season and he instantly started to change the team into his own. Alfredsson put the franchise in a great position heading into the last season with all the young talent he acquired, including signing a young free agent prospect by the name of Matt Bailey, who happened to be from England just like Alfredsson himself. With the two in of them in the dressing room they quickly set the tone in regards to the music that would be played. With a catalog of great music to pick from they couldn’t have pick worse music from the get go. From Dexys Midnight Runners to Bad English, the crowds in Dynamo heard everything over the loudspeakers before games last season until Sergey Brovalenko came over in a trade from the Seattle Bears. During training camp this season Brovalenko introduced the two Englishmen to the sounds of The Who. They instantly fell in love with band and vowed to use “Baba O’Riley”, until neither of them was left with the club.



Helsinki Titans: Black Betty- Ram Jam





The Titans have been one of the more consistent VHL franchises in the last few seasons, finding themselves in the playoffs the last five seasons. Now as the club starts to see it’ core age, it’s finding it harder and harder to take top spot in the European Conference. Just like the playoff streak that started after the club picked up Ethan Osbourne first overall, the music that has accompanied the team on the ice has also stayed the same over those five seasons. The team choose to play Ram Jam’s hit “Black Betty” before each home game and with the regular season success the team has seen they have kept that song as an anthem of sorts.


Riga Reign: Kashmir- Led Zeppelin  





The Reign come out to one of the best entrance songs amongst the ten VHL franchises. The team full of young superstars in the making got together during training camp to decide what they should come onto the ice during their first season together. The team to a quick decision when it was discovered they all had a taste for classic rock. The decision finally landed upon “Kashmir”, by Led Zeppelin which may be one of the coolest intros of all time.  The Reign hopes this powerful song will represent a powerful team that will soon be calling Riga home.


Vasteras Iron Eagles: Boys Are Back In Town- Thin Lizzy





Ever since the failed experiment that was the Madrid Thunder, the Iron Eagles have has this classic rock song blaring over the loud speakers as they enter the ice.  The franchises business and management team got together shortly after the team re-located from Madrid and thought nothing suited the franchise best at the time then Thin Lizzy’s, “Boys Are Back In Town.” Although the team has seen much success over the past few seasons they still manage to pack the arena each and every home night to sing along to Thin Lizzy. 

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Content: 3/3- Interesting ending to your two part MS on intro music for the teams of the VHL. Good choice of songs for each team and I like that you gave reasons behind the selections.


Grammar: 1.5/2 - Alot of these are just added words or missing letters, but to many mistakes to give you full marks.


the teams in the five teams = the five teams

the one of = one of

in of them = of them

pick = picked

it’ - it's

has - had

team has seen = team hasn't seen


Appearance: 1/1- Videos and pics.


Overall: 5.5/6

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Content: 3/3 - As a big fan of classic rock, I loved your choices for the songs. Great tracks and it gives me hope to see that people love the good stuff as opposed to Miley Bieber.
Grammar: 1.5/2 - Ball caught all of it, nothing to add. Just remember that spell check won't catch every mistake, so be sure to carefully go through it when you're done to catch stuff like this.
Appearance: 1/1 - Absolutely.
Overall: 5.5/6 - It's still a six!
FINAL: 6/6
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