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200 Practice Hours


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With this Fan 590 article, prospect Slaeter Fjorsstrom will have reached 200 practice hours.  With still more than half a season to go, the defenseman could and should reach 300 practice hours before the puck drops for the start of the 37th VHL season.  


"Right now the goal is 250.  I know I can reach that before the end of the season/playoffs.  Hopefully, I can help the Watchmen lift the cup at the end of the season with my progression."


So far in the season, Fjorsstrom has an unimpressive 25 points in 36 games, putting the puck in the net just three times.  


"I'm trying to get better at picking my spots and my shooting.   It's been a lackluster season for me, but the team is doing well, so I can't really complain."


Despite his low point totals, Fjorsstrom will still likely go in the top two of the draft, alongside teammate, and probably first overall pick Tom Slaughter.  It will all depend on whether the team drafting first wants a forward (Tom Slaughter) or a defenseman (Slaeter Fjorsstrom).

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