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Oslo Storming Back


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Oslo Storming Back



OSLO - After a disastrous begin to their season, in which many predicted the Storm to be favorites to contend for a Founder's Cup once again, Oslo is slowly but surely clawing their way back into the thick of things. They have overtaken the Turku Outlaws for fourth place, remaining 22 points behind Vasteras for third place and a playoff berth. Behind their top defensive pairing in Sami Kravinen and Jeff Phinney along with their sensational goalie Kimmo Salo, the Storm are 6-2-2 in their last ten games.


"I am very proud of the way the boys are playing," said Oslo's general manager, Thomas Landry. "We are getting a lot of tough, physical play out of the boys and they have never given up hope on the season. We know that we're just one big winning streak away from being right back in the thick of the hunt."




The Storm have gotten production in some unexpected places, including winger Luke Riggs and defenseman Penis Doubligné. Considered afterthoughts on this Oslo squad, they have quietly been producing and improving their play. Salo and Doubligné are both eligible for the S37 VHL Entry Draft, making the plight of the Storm quite the tale for VHL scouts. Only time will tell, however, the futures of both the Storm and their draftees.


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, the quality source for timely tidbits. He enjoys watching the snow, playing with puppies and writing some good articles.

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