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When former New York Americans defenseman Ryan Sullivan and current Americans General Manager Chris Miller headed to Red Deer to scout a young goaltender named Brick Wahl, they weren't sure what to expect out of the young netminder. What they saw was an impressive netminder that reminded the two of a young Benjamin Glover, who played for the Americans from Season Twenty-Four till his retirement at the the end of Season Thirty-One. Wahl exhausted his Western Hockey League eligibility after the 2012 season with the Rebels and he was quickly signed to entry level contract with the New York Americans. Wahl would enter the VHLM in his first year in the league, as he was unable to enter the VHL until Season Thirty-Six.


Wahl was eligible for the VHLM's Season Thirty-Five VHLM dispersal draft, but he wouldn't stay on the board very long in his first professional VHL draft. Saskatoon Wild General Manager Jack Sixten stepped up to the podium and selected Wahl with the first pick in the draft. The Wild held three more pick's in the draft, selecting power forward Xin Xei Xao, and defenseman Tyler Owens, so with the selection of Wahl and the two others the team was instantly expected to compete that season. Wahl and the entire Wild roster played up to expectations during the regular season, placing third in the conference behind the Ottawa Lynx and Minot Gladiators. The Wild and Gladiators would face off in the North American playoffs for the chance to face the Lynx in the Conference finals and the Wild showed why they used the three first round picks to choose Wahl, Xao, and Owens. Wahl backstopped the Wild to the first round upset over the Gladiators, but what lay ahead for the Wild looked to be a David versus Goliath match-up. The Wild would eventually fall to the Lynx in five game, but Wahl made sure to keep his club in all but one game during the five game series. Wahl would see his eligibility end after just one season in the VHLM, so Season Thirty-Six would see Wahl enter new territory once again.


Wahl entered they VHL in his first eligible year this season and he has picked up right where he left off in the VHLM. Wahl is playing behind a roster that on paper might have troubles handling the Bratislava Watchmen this season, but Wahl and the entire Americans roster has been a pleasant surprise. Wahl himself has been lights out for a VHL rookie goaltender in his forty-five games he has started his season. Wahl currently sits fifth in the league in save percentage, with a .916 save percentage, while facing the third most shots in the entire league. What makes Wahl's numbers even more impressive is the fact that he is embarking on some rare territory in the VHL record books. Sitting just shy of the .920 save percentage mark, Wahl could possibly become just the fifth goaltender in VHL history to end their rookie season with a .920 save percentage or higher. If Wahl can continue this trend for the rest of his VHL career, he'll undoubtedly be appearing on a hall of fame ballot in eight seasons time. 


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Content: 3/3 - Glad to see Wahl is having such a successful career so far. It seems as though the future for goalies in this league is bright, with many GM goalie recreates along with some new ones such as Blaine Olynik and Kimmo Salo. The Americans can expect to have a franchise goalie as long as Wahl is around. Oh and also #Lynx S35 Cup Champs!


Grammar: 2/2 - Some silly mistakes.


at the the end of Season Thirty-One. = at the end of Season Thirty-One.

fall to the Lynx in five game = fall to the Lynx in five games

Wahl entered they VHL in his = Wahl entered the VHL in his 



Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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