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Graphic For Jan 7/18 [1/2]

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Non biased review of my own shit. OK Dave the first thing that catches my eye the over all look of the SIG.The hot babes are an added bonus! The BG cloud effect is cool with the four corner water ripple technique. I've also noticed there's a colour exposure over the clouds and ripples. It adds to the BG.

The middle picture as a whole is over saturated but I know its due to the app effect you've used, because I'm the one that did it.

You have some color deviation on the jersey's but that's due to colouring in the original jersey lettering, and that can't be helped with the app exposure you've applied.

Over all it looks pretty sic but the player pic is over pixelated  due to over use of layering effects that were used.

Your still very handsome though!


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