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  1. I am a little curious as to the context of the situation that perma banned him but no need to Bek. I was here when he received the ban and was indifferent to it all back then as as I am now. You admins have it all under control
  2. Yes I do but I'd like to hear your opinion on it.
  3. Why, is Boub asking for a third chance? If you guys' so decide to bring him back once he crosses the line ever so slightly...perma ban and delete any and all things Boub here.
  4. Anyone here know of any free streams for the fight tonight? Reddit maybe? I couldn't find any there. Thanks.
  5. I decline. I'm retired from the league for awhile. Thanks though.
  6. Another stud gone to the farm. Cya JC!
  7. Nice use of background pattern behind the player, it blends well with the players jersey. And the yellowish touch on the left side is nice also. That greyish black with star lime clusters looks pretty cool to me. Your light flare is very subtle and soft and the glow it emits matches really well! I like how you've used a different font for the "B" and the other letters have an elegant look to them. Nice job Bush. Only thing I'd like to see is the logo swapped out. She's a beaut! 6/6 and a
  8. Kiaskov missing out on another chance with a stocked Seattle club
  9. Straight up, I see this as a TPE grab! Haha.Ok, I really like the logo change. It's centred well but needs a slight tilt to the left, and the color could be lightened a pinch to match the arm band orange. Not a bad stock pick bit to spice OT up some I'd add a border and lighten the render as a whole. If we were grading like when I first created here I'd probably only get about 2-3 TPE for this as all you really did was upload a stock pick and swap out the logo. As it is, more effort is needed.
  10. Think I'd like to see a nice border around it for aesthetics. Not a bad background stock pick and I like the cloudy style filter over it. I may have moved the player to the right to center him a touch more. Font style isn't too bad at all but I think a lighter hue would take some of the drabness away from all the darker colouring. The softer focus of the back drop helps offset the sharpness of the player to give good contrast and pop the guy. A logo change would look cool. As a whole, it's a decent looking sig but personally I'd like to see more work added to it as I see it as a simple designed sig. Decent.
  11. Beave is solid as granite @Jtv123 when it comes to helping others out, even if you become annoying. And if he's not available you can ask me or anyone else around here, its a decent.community.
  12. Go back to Discord son. Just remember when your mad, step away from whomever/whatever your talking or doing and take a breather before you come back and continue. And I believe your truly sorry.
  13. Ive been saying this since midway through my players career.... Its a popularity contest with politics thrown in.
  14. Id be in if I was recreating, or it was a tonne of free beer. Get @xsjack where in Manitoba are you from? I'm from Weinerpeg.
  15. Ive had a solid career. This helps make up for not winning the cup with Seattle in my final year.