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  1. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 185: Helsinki Titans vs. Seattle Bears

    Strong effort all around from the the Bears clan.
  2. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 180: Quebec City Meute vs. Seattle Bears

    Good Game !
  3. Exlaxchronicles

    Official Videogame Thread

    Gonna look that up later.
  4. Exlaxchronicles

    Official Videogame Thread

    Well I don't want be hauling a laptop or desktop around when I can basically just put this in my backpack/jacket pocket, take it anywhere and plug n play it hooked up to one of my pico projectors.
  5. Exlaxchronicles

    Official Videogame Thread

    Think I'm gonna Amazon my ass a Raspberry PI with the controllers and download a shit bunch of old school Sega, Nintendo, Super Nes etc. I had a ps3 with close to 30 games and I gave it to my nephew for Xmass as it was basically brand new and hardly ever played. I found it too much with all the buttons on the controller. I don't have time or the patience for playing the newer gaming systems. NHL 93 man!!
  6. Exlaxchronicles

    VHL Pickem (S63W5)

    Calgary ( Still Hatin ) Quebec Seattle Riga
  7. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 175: Seattle Bears vs. Quebec City Meute

    Aww man, how come Thunder fistfuck gets all the fights? Good win btw.
  8. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 172: Toronto Legion vs. Seattle Bears

  9. Exlaxchronicles

    Klutch King Kiaskov'$ Press Conference

    1. Like a baby jR. The team had their chance but the offer wasn't sweet enough. 2. Riga, Seattle and its a toss up between Calgary (still hatin) and Quebec. I hate Calgary but they make squeek in. I would rather Quebec make it. 3. He's a dynamic young D and is exciting to watch out there. Unfortunately he's suffering from that damn sophomore jinx as so many second year players do. This year he's not playing to his full potential but I think he'll rebound eventually. 4. Actually, I'm a dirty little prick. There's the can opener, tripping, slash to the back of the knee where there's no padding, grabbing the back of your jersey at the waist and pulling while I trip you, stick blade in between the boot and blade and pull and if all else fails a sucker punch. I still like ya n its nothing personal just business. 5. I'm quite capable in the shootout so I don't know what the hold up is. Are defence men not allowed?! Thanks for the questions!
  10. Exlaxchronicles

    Rylan Peace Media Availability (Press Conference)

    1. How are you finding your tenure as a GM so far? 2. Do you play hockey in real life or any other form if it ie. Ball hockey, roller hockey? 3. What is it that you least like about this game? 4. What do you hope to accomplish with your player in his career? 5. Gretzky or Lemieux and why?
  11. Exlaxchronicles

    Practice Facility (November 12 - November 18th)

    + 1 for the Kiaskov
  12. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 168: Seattle Bears vs. Calgary Wranglers

    Awwww Yeahhhh! And I got in a scrap and smacked out Johnson! 👊👊👊
  13. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 164: HC Davos Dynamo vs. Seattle Bears

    Nice !!
  14. Exlaxchronicles

    A Quik Announcement

    Congrats Quick and a thanks to Will for the bang up commish job. Change is good.
  15. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 160: Seattle Bears vs. HC Davos Dynamo

    Seems like we win one lose one. We need a string of V's.