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  1. Exlaxchronicles

    Soon To Be FA...Whom Will Sign Him?

    Soon To Be A FA....Who's Willing To Pick Him Up? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well it seems my contract will be up with the American's soon and that leaves the question of " Which team would be interested in signing me "? Is this the time for GM Spade to make a move and get the best deal he can for me, or is he willing to resign me to another deal? Does he plan on having one more run with the players he has or is Spade going to shake things up and start the rebuilding process? In the near future my skills will be on the decline and GM's will have to take that into consideration cap wise, so it seems I'll most likely be offered one year rental deals from here on in. I'm OK with that, but I'd like to be able to play at least 20 minutes a game. It also doesn't matter which club I end up on, I'll be giving it my all and will more than happy to fill any role the club wants me to, even if I need to switch to defence. I've started out as a defence man so I'm more than comfortable there. So come FA time, will GM's consider me a commodity or a liability? Only time will tell. Word count: 219. Drink Beer.
  2. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 217: Legion vs. Americans

    Thanks brother but it still doesn't look good if I end up with 60-65 points. Which GM wants to pay $4mill for that.
  3. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 217: Legion vs. Americans

    I'm surprised as well, esp with all this talent on the team.
  4. Exlaxchronicles

    Expanding the VHLM

    I think its best to wait until the start of S62 before there is another VHLM team(s) added to the game. This way we'll see who has stuck around out of all the new members and which ones have remained inactives. Btw, if expansion happens: Hartford, Winnipeg, New England, Minnesota, Atlanta and Cincinnati would be good places for expansion.
  5. Exlaxchronicles

    Lando Baxter - Press Conference

    1. I see your from my home town. Have you played any type of organized hockey in Winnipeg? 2. Have you created your player here after any pro hockey player? 3. What personal goals donyou hope to accomplish with your player? 4. Is there a specific VHL team you would most want to play for and why? 5. Gretzky or Lemieux and why?
  6. Exlaxchronicles

    VHLM Pickem (S61W4)

    Oslo LV Yuk Ott
  7. Exlaxchronicles

    VHLM Predict the Score (S61W4)

    Oslo 3-1
  8. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 198: Americans vs. Reign

  9. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 204: Americans vs. Titans

    Lets keep it up team!
  10. Exlaxchronicles

    Round Two Of The S62 Draft.

    Round Two Of The S62 Draft ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 6. Returning to where we left off last time we now look at the sixth spot in the scout rankings held by defence man Lukas Novacek playing for the Oslo Storm. He's a tall lanky kid weighing a svelt 185 lbs. Lukas needs to hit the weights to add more size to his tall frame, as he has a tendency to get knocked off the puck when in battles along the boards. Surprisingly, Novacek has been a regular on the score sheet since joining Oslo. Lukas has been able to produce at a steady clip potting a respectable 12G and 45Pts in 46 games this year. Why is that surprising? Well his on ice play indicates otherwise. He plays more like a stay at home defence man. Novacek has a decent set of wheels so although not a speedster, he can keep up with the pack. In his own end he's defensively aware and plays a good positional game. Lukas keeps it simple and likes to make the smart pass out of the zone. He also likes to lay the body but that can work against him due to his lighter frame. Novacek may be one of the sleeper picks come draft time. It seems GM's covet offensive defence men but its always good to have a stabilizing force on the blue line. I'd keep an eye on this young defender. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 7. Now hanging around in seventh spot is goaltender Johnny Havenk Carison, the only goalie to be ranked top ten. The young goalie fills the net up quite well at 6'3" and 220 lbs. If any GM is in need of a goaltender they may wanna start paying attention to this kid. Being young he still has a lot of room for improvement but right now Carison covers the angles well, has a quick glove hand and blocker and has great reaction time. He reminds me of Quebec's young starter Tristan Iseault when he was in the minors. Playing with the VHLM's Rush Johnny has put decent if unremarkable numbers. In 45 games this year he has a GGA of 2.00 and a respectable .901 SVP%. Its clear Carison is still raw but he has the tools to be a potential starter if he continues progressing. As it stands now he has enough skill set to be a reliable back up for one of the big clubs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 8. Number eight spot right now belongs to center man Oleksiy Revchenko. This kid could be a diamond in the rough or he could turn out to be like raw unprocessed coal. Only time will tell. In the present he has average size and strength and could stand to use a bit more muscle. Oleksiy's greatest strength right now seems to be in his passing skills. He has good on ice vision and has the ability to thread the pass in the most unlikely situations. What stops him from being a great passer is his mediocre puck handling ability. Revchenko tends to cough up the puck on five on five situations more than he should. It also doesn't help with the fact that his skating leaves him a step or two behind in the play or on the rush. He definitely needs to work on improving these areas of his game. If he wants to be an elite center man he'll also need to practice hard in the face off circle as Oleksiy loses more than he wins. At this point in time he may best be suited for PP minutes where he can slow down his play and have time to set up his team mates. But with all that said Revchenki was still able to score 8 goals and 28 helpers in 44 GP. The talent is there but can he put it all together? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 9. Holding number 9 spot in the rankings is another center named Dan Montgomery. This player just may be a dark horse this coming draft. He's moved up five spots so if that's any indicator, we may see more good things from this player. At present nothing really stands out amongst his skill set so we'll just have to wait and see how he progresses. Thus far Montgomery is not an offensive player but he does tend to lay some hits, and takes some penalties, hinting that he could be suited for a defensive role. He reminds me a little of David Kiaksov with no defined skill sets when he began his pro career. Over all he needs to work on pretty much all areas of his game before we start to see what type of player he turns into. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 10. Rounding out the top ten draft hopefuls is 6'4", 205 lb. right winger Jake Davis. He could stand to add ten to fifteen more pounds to fill out his frame some more. Skill wise he moves well for a bigger guy and won't get left behind when joining in on the rush. His passing is also good but Davis must put forth more effort into his puck handling skills. Once again a big player who needs to utilize his frame to make more room for himself out there. Jake likes to hit so but still needs to be more physical to benefit his playing style. He seems to be more of a passer than shooter which attests to his 8 goals and 26 points in 45 games. Maybe there could be a switch to center position in the future for him but let's see how he develops. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that finishes up our look at the top ten draft hopefuls for the season 62 draft so check your lists and see if you agree with this individuals analysis. Word count: 977.
  11. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 192: Titans vs. Americans

  12. Exlaxchronicles

    GM 193: Americans vs. Legion

    Now how did that happen?
  13. Exlaxchronicles

    Nguyen Reacts to Draft Rankings

    If its any consolation to you, I was ranked 22nd in the S57? draft scouting ranks and was able to move myself all the way up to 14th.
  14. Exlaxchronicles

    A Look Into The S62 Draft

    My bad Brave, I thought you were close to 20-24 n figured you did claim all of it. BTW, switching Keaton to forward sure has its rewards I've noticed.