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Legion Turn It Around

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Legion Getting Better


To begin the season, the Toronto Legion did not turn any heads. Through their first 10 games, they were only 5-5-0. Roman Sokolov started off great as a forward, the player's individual stats were decent, but Torstein Ironside was awful. His save percentage for much of the start of the season was under 90%, and his team was paying for it.


Now, the Toronto Legion are 14-4-1, and only 1 point behind the league leading New York Americans, who themselves got off to a fantastic start. The Legion have scored the most goals in the league with 64, are 9-0-1 in their last 10, are 10-0-0 at home, and have won 6 in a row. Comparatively, the Americans are 14-3-2.


For the Legion, they have a few players who are performing at top levels. While Roman Sokolov started off the season hot and was leading Toronto in most categories, he has been experiencing his patented slow down that he seems to get hit with every season. Turning into a forward this season gave him and fans alike the hopes that he could stay consistent, but that has not been the case. Nevertheless, he still has 20 points in 19 games and is performing great.






A bunch of other Toronto Legion players are within the top of the VHL leaderboards, however. While Franchise Cornerstone still leads the VHL with 42 points in 19 games, with his linemate Schmeckeldorf not far behind, Marc-Alexandre Leblanc is creeping up on them. Leblanc has 32 points in 19 games sitting in the 3rd position, while Bo Boeser is 4th with 27 points. Then there's newly acquired defenseman Fabio Jokinen, who has 23 points in 19 games, which is the best of any defenseman right now. On top of those players, Fook Yu and Daring Do are also in the top ten in the VHL, with Yu having 22 points, and Do having 21. This has been Daring Do's best start to any season in his career so far, so it is especially nice to see him doing well. After those players in the top 10, Roman Sokolov and Pablo are within the top 20.


In the goals category, Toronto has four players in the top 10. MA Leblanc's 14 goals is tied for 2nd in the VHL, and only 4 behind league leading Franchise Cornerstone's 18 goals. Boeser and Do are not far behind with 13 and 12, while Roman Sokolov has 10. Getting goals from many players in their lineup has been a big key for the Toronto Legion.


Motherfucker Sharpe's 94 hits lead the VHL, but newly acquired Legionaire Fook Yu is not far behind with 81. Fook Yu has made his presence known and is leading the Legion with hits by quite a lot. Fabio Jokinen follows that up with 57 hits, and the next best is quite far away. Daring Do, who has made his mark in the VHL usually being quite a bruiser, this season has seemed to convert to much more of an offensive player. Daring Do only has 38 hits this season, but you could only guess that Toronto loves to have the points over the physicality from Do, and it has been very welcoming.


Torstein Ironside has also followed up his horrible start with great numbers. He currently sits 1st in wins with 16. A sim has just happened while typing this article, so Ironside's numbers have gotten even better, while the rest of my article is 2 games dated. Ironside's 92.2% saves is some of the worst in the VHL, but that has been steadily rising after having under 90% after 10 games. Torstein Ironside goals against average has also dropped under 2.00, with a 1.96.

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