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Interview RGIII Doe!

     Welcome to the Claude Giroux News Network! In today’s edition, we will interview the Riga Reign’s promising young forward, Robert Gow III. Interestingly enough, RGIII’s godfather, the J-MAN, will conduct the interview with this potential Rookie of the Year Candidate.
J-Man: Welcome to CGNN! As my viewers know, I interviewed your father, Austin, many times in the past and I am excited to interview the next member of the Gow family dynasty.
RGIII: Thanks for having me! Hopefully I can create more interesting interviews than the old man.
J-Man (laughs): Speaking of your father, what was it like to be a player on the same team your dad was an assistant GM?
RGIII: It wasn’t just my father; we had a whole infestation of Gows on the Lynx. My uncle, Jim, was the GM, with my dad being his assistant. I also had my cousin, Robin Gow centering my line for most of the season. It was a little tough playing on the same team as most of my family, as it is difficult being the only smart one out of four family members.


From left to right: Jim Gow, Austin Gow, Robin Gow, Robert Gow III


J-Man: Speaking of Robin Gow, you both are once again on the same team in the Riga Reign. How does this impact the Reign’s future?
RGIII: Well I think any time you can get two Gows playing together you get an automatic championship at some point. Just look at the Lynx, where we had two Gows one cup. Besides us, we have a great forward core with Brennan McQueen and Damon Tyrael. We also have a defenseman in the minors whose name I can’t remember, but he looks pretty promising from what I hear. I am worried about our scrub goalie though, anyone with that hard of a last name to spell probably will give up a lot of goals.
J-Man: What do you think of the talk among league experts that you may be Rookie of the Year?
RGIII: I’m honored that they would say that. I have been producing a lot of goals and assists this year, so I see where they would get the idea. I guess I have to give some credit to my teammates too, mainly Robin Gow who sets me up for a lot of my goals.
J-Man: Your father, Austin Gow won the Rookie of the Year Award with Riga, and then proceeded to go AWOL. Do you plan on doing the same thing if you win Rookie of the Year?
RGIII: Of course! I’m going to never show up to practice, and demand Mike trade me to New York! Just kidding, I just wanted to give you a stupid response to a stupid question.
J-Man: What are your current living arrangements?
RGIII: The Latvians love me for some reason. Okay, actually it’s because they think I’m the RGIII from the NFL. I don’t know how they can’t tell I’m not black, but I don’t mind. They gave me a really nice palace that I share with Robin.




J-Man: If you had to enter one member of Riga into American idol, who would you pick?
RGIII: That’s an easy question; I would pick Mike Szatowski Jr. Not because he has a good singing voice, but because he has absolutely no musical talent. I would love to see Mike make a fool of himself on TV.
J-Man: Alright, that’s a wrap. Thanks for doing the interview!

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Content 3/3 - Tavares>Giroux, and Tavares does not approve of this crappy interview.  :wub:


Grammar 2/2 - You had one mistake, like Giroux, his mistake though was being born.

in the Riga Reign - playing for the Riga Reign


Appearance 1/1 -  Sure!


Overall 6/6

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