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Claimed:Irish Bulldozer speaks on VHLM, Temper Issues and more


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As usual, there was a few players to announce that they would be entering the VHLM this season past the deadline that they could be signed before the playoffs, many young prospects either wait another season or announce their eligibilty before Ryan Barrett did. Barrett declared his eligibilty a DAY after the deadline for VHLM teams to pick up players, but Barrett doesn't mind it.

"I really don't mind not playing in the playoffs, it just gives me more time to train to the Minors. Not that I need it, but I gotta stay up to par with my competition, don't want the lads back home to get all excited and not watch me go on the ice and break some bones."

Despite preparing to become a member of the league, Barrett says he doesn't know much about the VHL.

"I really don't know that much about the VHL, other than it's a hockey league, and the best competition in the world is in it. Especially when I get in the league, it will definitely be the most entertaining thing to watch."

Barrett has been known for his temper issues in the youth competitions. Despite him spending alot of his time in the penalty box, Barrett doesn't feel that he has any temper issues.

"I play hockey how it's meant to be played, don't get on the ice with me if you don't want to get hit laddie. I put my heart and soul into Hockey and I'm going to do what it takes to win every game for my team. If you call that temper issues, I don't know what to say to you."


It's hard to point out Ryan's weaknesses due to the weaker competition he's played throughout the years compared to the rest of the incoming prospects, but don't worry, according to the Irish Bulldozer, he has no weaknesses.


"I don't have any weaknesses. This is Hockey, I'm a defender. Can I skate? Yes. Can I hit? Definitely. Can I protect my goal? Duh. You're thinking about it too much. I do everything well. My only weakness, if anything, is my age, I should be in the VHL by now lad!"

Barrett is apart of an OKAY draft class and when asked where he thinks he should be drafted and why he deserves to be drafted more than others, he said...

"1st overall, definitely. I'm gonna be the biggest asset to any team in the minors and isn't it obvious why I'm better? I'm 245 pounds of straight muscle lad, I'm quick, there's not much anyone can do on the ice when you have a bulldozer coming towards you. If a team wants me, they can have me. They'll know what I'll bring night in and night out, a fierce and emotional game."


Before we could ask Barrett anything else, he got tied up on a phone call and had to leave the interview. It's obvious that Ryan Barrett has alot of growing up do before he can begin to play with a VHL team.



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Content: 3/3 - LOVE Barrett's attitude. He thinks he's the best and he backs up his reason why. You've already caught my eye with this one piece of writing. Keep it up, brother! I'd love to have you defend the net for me next season in Bern!


Grammar: 2/2 - Little mistakes that you can definitely avoid in your next media spot.


Minors - minors


hit laddie - hit, laddie


Hockey - hockey (x2)


Appearance: 1/1 - Douchebag pulls through.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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