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Simon Tremblay Finishes Off the Season Strong

Thomas Erdbrink – New York Times




New York, NY - New York Americans left wing Simon Tremblay went on a tear to finish off his second season in the VHL.  This season was particularly difficult for the left winger, after being traded from the Calgary Wranglers in the off season following his rookie season Tremblay found himself in a world of controversy.  Tremblay was arrested for public intoxication and reprimanded by his team, forfeiting part of his salary for the year.  According to team sources Tremblay underwent some therapy and proved to the league that he isn’t yet the bust people are projecting him to be.  A week after his arrest Tremblay had 18 goals and 19 assists for 37 points in 38 games.  By the end of the season Tremblay had more than doubled his production taking him into the top 10 of several categories.  In 72 games played this year Tremblay managed to put up 45 goals, 11 more than his rookie season, which was good enough for seventh in the league.  Not only did he score the most goals out of any left wing, but he managed to score goals that mattered.  Of his 45 goals 6 were game tying goals and 5 were game winning goals.  Tremblay finished the season with 45 goals and 37 assists for 82 points in 72 games with a +8.   Tremblay was easily one of the best players for the Americans this year and his play is part of what kept them in the running for a playoff spot all season long.


Tremblay’s Contract Up, Will he Re-sign?

Sterling – vhlm.com Correspondent




Bratislava, Slovakia - At the end of this season New York Americans left wing Simon Tremblay’s contract will expire.  This is the last year of his rookie contract, so he will be headed to unrestricted free agency should the Americans not re-sign him.  According to sources close to the team Americans’ general manager Chris Miller has been working on a deal with Tremblay’s agent, but contract talks have fizzled and it begs the question where could Tremblay go?  Controversy following Tremblay causing him to take an absence from practice has been well documented and many would say he is lucky to get a contract anywhere in the league. 


It is far more complex than off-ice issues however.  Tremblay has excelled amidst controversy and proven why he was selected in the first round of the S34 VHL Entry Draft.  Tremblay was selected seventh overall by the Cologne Express and was almost immediately traded in a deal that saw less than market value come Cologne’s way.  Though Cologne’s general manager Joey Kendrick insisted that the trade had nothing to do with off ice issues and was purely business, many speculated that Tremblay may have had issues within the locker room.  After being traded to Calgary Tremblay spent S34 in the VHLM tearing up the league on the Minot Gladiators.  In S35 Tremblay got his shot at the pros and did not disappoint scoring 34 goals and 38 assists for 72 points in 72 games.  He was the third highest scoring rookie in the league.  However, during the S35 off season Tremblay was traded yet again to the New York Americans again bringing up questions of locker room issues and lack of effort.  With the Americans Tremblay truly flourished where he scored 45 goals this season.


Nobody can deny Tremblay is one of the league’s best goal scorers right now, but with being a little behind in practice hours and this rumor of locker room issues makes many wonder who would sign Tremblay.  There are a few possible destinations besides New York that may make a bid on Tremblay, but Helsinki is probably the frontrunner.  Helsinki has done well to stay atop the standings for several seasons now, but arguably the best player in the league in Ethan Osbourne will be retiring soon as will a few of Helsinki’s depth players leaving a possible spot for Tremblay on the second line.  The Riga Reign could also sign Tremblay, while they have some very high end prospects they have very little depth and Tremblay could help anchor their second line as they continue their rebuild.  Another less likely destination could be the Vasteras Iron Eagles.  While the Iron Eagles don’t have an opening on any line Tremblay is easily better than a couple of their other players and could replace them.  All in all the best fit for Tremblay would be to stay put in New York.  Will this happen?  We shall see, for now Tremblay remains contract-less as the playoffs continue on. 

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Content 3/3 - Your landing spot should be quite interesting to see. If you maintain consistent activity, I have no doubt your membership will be cherished by several teams.


Grammar 1.75/2 - Pretty good for the most part, but there are some comma issues, and some other minor mistakes, which warrants a slight deduction. 


and reprimanded -  and was reprimanded

A week after his arrest  - A week after this arrest,

6- six

After being traded to Calgary -  After being traded to Calgary,

off season - off-season

who would sign Tremblay. - who would sign Tremblay?


Appearance 1/1 - Sure


Overall: 5.75/6






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Content 3/3: Well done. Interested in where you decide to take your talents.

Grammar 1.75/2: Seth pretty much got them all

Appearance 1/1: Would prefer a little bit more color to make it look more colorful, but you met what is required.

Overall 5.75/6


Final Grade: 6/6

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