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With the Victory Hockey League currently in the playoffs, fans are busing watching some exciting hockey between the Seattle Bears and Quebec Muete, while fans in Switzerland await the start of their playoff round after the Titans made quick work of the Cologne Express in four games. Four teams currently sit on the outside of the playoff picture and most of those franchises have already turned their attention towards the Season Thirty-Seven VHL Entry Draft and the elite prospects that the draft holds. The top three picks have all but been lined up already with Tom Slaughter, Slaeter Fjorsstrom and Logan Laich going in the top three, just the order has yet to be decided. After those three are off the draft board, there as many great prospects left for VHL General Managers to pluck from the prospect pool. Today we’ll look at those great prospects that come after some of the big names slotted at the top of the draft board


Jakob Linholm: (60GP, 12G, 13A, 25Pts, +19, 24PIM) (Bern Royals)



Linholm was claimed by the Royals in the VHLM waivers and he went on to play sixty games this past season with the Royals. Linholm found himself playing third line minutes all season on a depth filled roster, so his offensive stats aren’t as high was some of the other prospects. His work ethic didn’t amount to that of a third line player as in just one month in the league the young Swede has put up 89 practice hours. With the work he’s put in on a good team, don’t be surprised to see this young man go higher than eight overall when the draft finally takes place.


Konstantin Jaroslav Azhishchenkov: (68GP, 41G, 40A, 81 Pts., -22, 36PIM) (Ottawa Lynx)



KJA as he is known across the league played in all but four games this season with the Ottawa Lynx, a team that barely missed the playoffs after winning it all last season. KJA came to a struggling team and immediately gave the Lynx roster an offensive boost, leading the club in goals, assists, and points. KJA came to the league just after the holiday season and has been already given a job within the league after only being here a month and a half. Whatever team calls KJA’s name when they step to the podium on draft day should get a superstar in the making.


Blaine Olynick: (64GP, 52W, 12L, .897 save %, 2.59 G.A.A.) (Bern Royals)



The first of two goaltenders on our list, Olynick had a good season on a good Bern club. Olynick saw action in sixty-four games this season, losing only twelve of those contests on the season. Although Olynick’s numbers aren’t that great when it comes to save percentage, the VHLM tends to have that effect on almost every goalie because of the high offensive numbers in the league, so caution must be used when analyzing goalie stats in the VHLM. Olynick has constantly been practicing since coming to the league at the beginning of December, logging over 131 practice hours.


Kimmo Salo: (66GP. 28W, 26L, .888 Save % 2.94 G.A.A.) (Oslo Storm)



The final top notch goalie prospect in the upcoming draft, Salo doesn’t have the eye popping wins that Olynick had but don’t discount the young man from Finland when it comes to overall potential. The Storm finished well out of the playoffs but that had nothing to do with the effort Salo brought fourth each and every day. With just over a moth of VHL experience under his belt Salo has put up an impressive 102 practice hours already, which isn’t much behind Olynick considering the extra time he’s had in the league. Watch for Salo’s name very soon in a VHL crease near you.


Lars Strummer: (72 GP, 22G, 53A, 75Pts, -28, 38PIM) (Saskatoon Wild)



The final man on our list would have to be the wild card out of the five names. Strummer has a great chance to become a good player in the league thanks to the agency he is signed to, but currently he is only receiving 5 practice hours a week, due to the fact he currently collects welfare. Strummer seems to be a good player with a great character and could bring much needed depth to a club that drafts him. Only time will tell what General Manager will call his name come draft day.

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Content 3/3: Great little summary of each top prospect in this upcoming draft. Loved the piece on KJA ;)

Grammar 2/2: Did not see any

Appearance 1/1: Maybe make the summaries the same color as the title color. I see that you changed the color of the title.

Overall 6/6: Good Job!

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