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Bears Schedule About to Ramp Up


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Seattle -- As it stands, the Seattle Bears are locked in. They currently sit with 46 points in 30 games, just two points behind the first place Reign and one point behind the second place Wranglers, while also having played one fewer game than either of those teams. The Bears could very well be a contender for the top record in the league just one year after playing in the play-in game.


But of course, there’s one issue that could keep the Bears at bay, and no, it has nothing to do with their players or front office: it’s the schedule. Out of those 30 games, the Bears have played 10 against the Americans, 7 against the Titans and 4 against the Davos – 70 percent of their games against the bottom three teams in the league. Throw in 2 games against the Legion, and the Bears have only played their competitors for the top spot in the league 7 times this season.


That means the schedule’s going to get much harder, very quickly, particularly with a season-ending stretch that sees Seattle play Riga in 4 of its final 6 games. But forward Gabriel McAllister believes that the tough schedule will do the team some good.


“We’ve mostly beaten the teams we’re supposed to beat, but even losing a few against good teams can be good for growth,” McAllister said. “It’s all about the playoffs in our sport, and I’ve gone from finishing third or below to the championship twice. If we can take something from this tough upcoming stretch and learn from it, it’ll be a good thing.”

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