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Palo left on the bench

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Quebec Meute, six shootouts this year and six losses from those. Not a pretty total by all means, but if you want to take positives out of it all, at least the team has managed to make it into the actual shootouts, just need to find a way to turn them to wins. Fans over in the fairly neutral website have been suggesting that one of the reason behind Quebec´s poor luck in shootouts is not having Rauno Palo shooting or at very least being one of the earlier shooters, cant say for sure if he would come out after the first 5 or so shooters, since not so many of the shootouts have been that long, but to those who are familiar with Rauno´s soft hands and borderline unfair moves, the decision to not have Palo out there in the first three rounds is bit of a mystery.


Rauno Palo himself had this to say:


Yea I have not been shooting in the shootouts, but gotta make them fair you know, if I go out there early and humiliate the goalie, who wants to score after that? The poor guy had enough already with me scoring the way I usually do, five hole after waving my stick from side to side like I don´t care, but yea, I´m not worried. Shootout is a game where you need some luck as well, we don´t have too much of it this season, yet at least.

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