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  1. Beaviss

    S62 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    It’s been 12 hours so it’s your turn @DollarAndADream
  2. The Quebec Meute are going through a transition phase right now and we need a captain to lead us into the promised land. The Meute are proud to annouce that...... Captain - Samuel Gate @street He is the franchise Dman of the Meute and already shows promise in the role as he was the Captain last season aswell. Assistant - Colton Rayne @Spade18 The veteran defenseman that landed in Quebec on draft day. Has already lead the team with experience and ability. Assistant - Veran Dragomir @Velevra The Meutes future scoring leader provides playing ability with a silent leadership ability.
  3. Beaviss

    GM 15: Meute vs. Reign

    Looks like the @.sniffuM @Velevra Line works
  4. Beaviss

    GM 11: Meute vs. HC Dynamo

    Scrappy game.
  5. Beaviss

    (S63) LW - Bilal Syed, TPE: 30

    Check out the media spot section there’s some guides there to get you to earn more stat points
  6. Beaviss

    (S63) LW - Bilal Syed, TPE: 30

    Welcome to the league! How did you hear about us?
  7. Beaviss

    Welcome canucksHD!

    Welcome! @canucksHD Another nucks fan to add to the pile!
  8. Beaviss

    GM 3: Reign vs. Meute

    ive sent new lines in you might be getting a couple more mins now
  9. Beaviss

    S62 Group 1 Fantasy Draft

    C - Sergei Komarov @Zetna
  10. Beaviss

    [S62] Quebec Meute

    Tristan Iseult @Arthur S63: 2,500,000 S64: 2,500,000 S65: 2,500,000 S66: 2,500,000 S67: 2,500,000
  11. Beaviss

    A new GM spreadsheet I'm working on

    This spreadsheet informed me that I like to trade.
  12. Beaviss

    S62 Regular Season Index

    I’m a hard working man will I need to PM lines
  13. Beaviss

    S62 Regular Season Index

    My lines won’t be in at that time tho but if I PM you would that work?
  14. Beaviss

    S62 Regular Season Index

    ok then ill do my lines tonight when I get home from work
  15. Beaviss

    S61 VHFL Payout

    Finally get the W!