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  1. Welcome to the league! Which sub Reddit did you find us from? Let me know if you need anything! If you have any questions let me know or check out the VHL discord channel it's great for conversion about the NHL and the VHL.
  2. Welcome to the league! Let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance! Check out our discord channel it's super active and if you need anything it's a quik way to get help.
  3. Welcome to the league! I see you found us from HLM! The draft is upcoming so if you can earn some stat points you can raise your draft stock significantly and rise in the rankings! You should check out our discord channel it's super active and if you need any help you can get it instantly. Let me know if you need any assistance or anything!
  4. Hockey Legacy Manager 19 is a mobile franchise manager where all your decisions can make or break your season. You can manage your team to success through trades, draft, contract signing and more! Start with an actual contender or build through the draft with a struggling team. Build a dynasty that will last decades. With HLM19 you can play whenever you want, wherever you want! No internet connection required! Link to Google Store: ttps://
  5. Davos needs to stay more disciplined or they will get burnt.
  6. With graphics like yours you will continue to be the big mover probably.
  7. 1. What brought you back the the VHL? 2. How is SSN coming along? 3. Planning on ridding out an entire career? 4. Who has the best logo in the VHL/M?