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  1. Welcome to the league! Let me know if you need any help getting started or if you have any questions!
  2. TWITTER FACEBOOK Give us a follow or a like. You can stay up to date with league news and help the league get more exposure.
  3. Ill neither confirm or deny
  4. @Phil You should put summaries of each episode so we know what to expect.
  5. ok good since i just traded my first round pick.... I got spooked.
  6. Wait is this going into effect this draft? @Beketov
  7. Since our captain has now been traded I'm happy to announce our new leadership team. C - Freeman @rjfryman A - Wolfe @InstantRockstar A - Scott @Motzaburger
  8. Beaviss

    VAN/RIG; S68

    We talked about it earlier this season and last.