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  1. F Glad you got to helm the ship for a little while! Sorry I left in such disarray @fonziGG . Wish you all the best and hopefully you can continue sticking around as a player at least!
  2. Blade is very nice but vicious when cornered /thread
  3. Gm's all getting burnt out I feel your pain and I held on way longer than I should have and it ruined my VHL experience for awhile. If you have to take a break its 100% worth it and don't hang on longer than you need to. I regret not stepping back from my roles earlier because I left messier than I should have. Here's hoping you can stick around
  4. This but imo we need more variety in the ways in which we can earn TPE this could be an easy one. Especially if built into the portal and things linked to the forums. Then some of the clickers that never leave the portal might visit the forums.
  5. I'm looking for a GM/AGM job shoot me a message if you want someone to help out.

  6. was this before or after the trucker had his way with you?
  7. It's been a few seasons since I've last been drafted. This is the first character I've created that hasn't had max carryover in a very long time and that has pushed me pretty far down the draft board. That combined with my bout of inactivity will most likely slide me down the draft. This might be the very first time I've been drafted outside of the top 5 which was my first player ever (Keaton Louth). Currently on the draft board I'm ranked 24th by TPE. That would slot me into the late 2nd round early third round rage which is a very intriguing prospect. Its an entire new career to be the player that is a later round pick that works their way up back to the front of the VHL Draft rankings. I believe with my previous activity levels that it might boost me a little up the draft board but with the recent turn over of the VHLM and its GM's who knows what General Managers remember or were here for it.
  8. Review: Very cool Media that required a lot of digging! I liked the added color coding of names for the teams and the blast from the past that a lot of the really old story lines. Need more Beaviss content to get the 10/10 though so you get an 8/10
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