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An Inside Look At Micha Sage's Workout Session


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The lights around the rink begin to flicker for a few seconds before humming into life, illuminating the cold surface below. The few seats that surround the rink are empty, as you'd expect for this time of morning; a few minutes before 6 AM. Only one person takes to the ice, taking a few laps around the entire ice before heading back toward the player benches. 


This has been part of Micha Sage's morning workout routine for a few years, and with the draft nearing, he has stepped up his focus. Every morning Micha takes to the ice at his local ice rink shortly before six, where he spends the next few hours conditioning and honing in on his skills. 


"It has just become habit," he states. "I feel off or have a bad feeling if I don't start my day this way. Even on days where I am a bit under the weather, I try to get down here and get a few reps in, whatever I can. I guess you can say I'm a bit obsessive."


From speed drills to puck handling courses, Micha starts his workout routine at a relentless pace, and pushes his limits for hours at a time. The reason? According to Micha, he wants to constantly perfect his game. He's never satisfied and always feels there will always be room to improve. 


"You can have the best game of your life, but can you look yourself in the mirror and really say you gave all you could give?" he asked us. 


After about thirty minutes of skating through obstacles with the puck, he moved on to shooting. Shooting on an open net seems to be an easy feat even the most amateur of player could achieve, but Micha used his imagination as he created different scenarios to run through. Empty net shots, one-on-one chances, and penalty shots were just some of the scenarios we were treated to. 
When he was done with shooting, it was back to speed drills yet again, only this time he added weights to his legs. After what appeared to be every fifth or so run through the course, he add more weight, and do the whole thing over again. 


So how does one end an intense workout session? 


"Three egss, scrambled; Two pieces of wheat toast, and a tall glass of whey protein shake," Micha tells us. Which, to our surprise, is how he has ended his workouts for the past four years straight. Not a day missed, not an alteration to be had. The same breakfast. 


For four years. Yeah, you could say he's obsessive.


Word Count: 437 words

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