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  1. Awesome article! One minor thing,'s MICHA Sage. lol. Great read, though! I appreciate the shout.
  2. For Week Ending in 9/29: 1. After a relatively good start to the season we've been in a bit of a skid, what do you think we need to change to get out footing back? We're rebuilding, so there's no shame in experimenting with lines and seeing what works best, who works with who best, and what produces the better result. 2. What's one area of your game you think you need to improve? Scoring. Having 5 goals and 5 assists 21 games in seems disappointing, and I need to find that formula to get better results. 3. With 19 games under our belts, S68 2nd overall pick Lance Flowers has shown his ability to hang with the pros. How does it feel playing with one of the most prolific picks of the S68 draft? Great guy, solid player. Can't wait to see what the numbers he puts up look like at the end of the season. 4. Who do you think has been our season MVP so far? LeGrande. He's been solid on D, pushing those points and assist totals super high. 5. The D.C. Dragons and the Prague Phantoms have been scraping the bottom of the bowl all season, do you think they will break out of the bottom 2 spots by the end of the "year"? It's hard coming into a league as an expansion team with little to work on. If they break out of the bottom two, I think it would more have to do with the other teams that pushed them up moreso than it does with the expansion teams doing well. 6. The program recently tacked on a new AGM to upper management, is there anything the players want to see from him? Not really. I think as long as he is there helping out and making sure we're producing, he's solid. 7. If you could change one thing about the league, what would it be? Injuries. Make minor injuries hit your stats for a series of 3 or 5 games, in which you produce less. Or suspensions. I know it's a sim, and you can't control what happens, but adding some injuries or suspensions could be cool, and make teams scramble for lines. Also, TPE earning needs to be looked at a bit.
  3. @DollarAndADream Week Ending in 9/29 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  4. Review: Okay, as an old gamer, this is awesome. I miss the days of old hockey like this. Graphics were stupid simple, but the game was just amazing. I love how you put in the jersey colors, not even sure how you managed to do this, but you did an amazing job! I want one for me!
  5. Review: I like this. It's pretty cool for what it is, I think I would have done maybe a cartoon effect on the dog, but seriously this is awesome. Great job, the logo for the dog tag on the collar is awesome.
  6. Review: Awesome job. This is seriously super cool. I love the effects, everything ties in well. I think the only thing I could pick on is the font color, but it's minimal to me that it doesn't really take away from the whole thing. Awesome job, stellar graphic.
  7. Review: Great graphic, really love the effect. Love that you used the vintage jersey for the Kings, I've always preferred that one over any of their others. I think the color on the last name could have been a bit brighter, something to make it pop more. I also would have added more space to the right, it almost looks like the 'r' on the last name is right on the edge. Great work!
  8. Review: Ah, the LeGrande Train gets some love! Great graphic, I love the effect on this. Like @chillzone mentioned, I would have placed the text somewhere else, or perhaps done it in a different color that made it stand out a bit more against the player. Either way, still an awesome effort!
  9. Review: Love this. The effect is wicked, and the logo addition is seamless. I wish I could get that sort of effect down without it being noticeable that the logo was placed. I cannot read cursive because I r stoopid, but the text effect is amazing. All around good job!
  10. Review: I like the second one more than I do the first. There's nothing particularly wrong with the first one, however, I think the second one has more going on that makes it more appealing to the eye. I like the arrows, they flow with the direction of the player. Gives you that impression he just ripped a wicked wrister into the back of the net. I'm also a huge sucker for college style cage helmets, so good on you! Great job!
  11. Review: Really love this. The player cut is nice, and I like the effects that you put on this. Straight and to the point, no fancy useless additions. This is seriously great work, keep it up!