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VHL First Look: Dangles


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Dangles, one of the top 20 VHL prospects has recently decided to take place in the VHL entry draft so let's take a look at who he is and what makes him such an intriguing potential pick.


Coming into the VHLM, Dangles sat at 220 lbs and a height of 6'0". The main concern for VHLM gms when considering Dangles was whether or not he could make the transition from college hockey to the minors. They found that he was very speedy and very defensively minded but he was a one dimensional player. There was no offensive production and he lacked the proper strength and hockey history to make him a top pick. Since then he has greatly rounded out his skillset. Although still a defensive and puck-possession specialist, he can produce in the offensive zone. In fact, Dangles placed 6th in the VHLM scoring race, even though he was plagued with a lack of quality linemates... that is until fellow VHLM players MAC and Berocka Sundqvist were place on his line.


Now that his first season in the VHLM has come to an end, we can only hope to project what Dangles can become. He has shown a consistent improvement in his game since entering the league, never skipping practice, and tending to all his off-ice training so we can see a dedication to the game and his development. Likewise, he doesn't have the same kind of natural ability as some of the other players in the draft, it really comes down to the kid's work ethic. That being said, Dangles is a very safe pick in the draft. He may not have the highest ceiling, but the kid sure does have a solid floor. Included below are what Dangles has identified as his focuses in his own development.



- DF



- SK

- ST

- PH

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