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Rookie Profile: Bud Knight [2/2]

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Bud Knight 



195 lbs. 



Brief Biography: 


Bud Knight was born on February 4th, 2018, just over a year ago. He isn’t the greatest athlete, and nor does he need to be. He’s spent the past year training to play hockey in the VHLM and hopefully the VHL. His game has progressed quicker than anybody would have expected, which makes him very enticing to pick up. 




Size and aggressiveness

It is to no surprise that Bud Knight is heavy, as he stands at 6’3” and always has a beer in his belly. He received coaching this past year to help him use his large frame to his advantage. Only time will tell how this will help him make an impact in the league. On the other hand, you will find him to be a bit more aggressive than most other players on the ice. This is mainly due to the fact that he is always borderline intoxicated and doesn’t really care who or what is in his way. Despite this, he tends to stay out of the penalty box more than one would expect. 



Bud Knight is a pass-first player. He spent by far the most time working on his stick skills with some of the best coaches in the world. It wasn’t all that difficult for him to make plays in the offensive zone at a high level. There have been reports that it is just luck, and that he might be the luckiest ice hockey player in the world… especially when he is intoxicated. As stated before, only time will tell how his playmaking ability will develop.


Defense and positioning

Despite his early struggles to remember where to go on the ice, he has made great progress since his days of carousing around the ice during his one-on-one training. He’s developed a strong presence on the ice. Whether that’s because of the fact that he wears a full suit of armor is the reason for that, or not. He has learned to manipulate opponents into doing what he wants them to, and finishes them off with an excellent stick or body check.





Although he’s made excellent strides,- no pun intended- Bud Knight’s skating isn’t what it should be. He’s still far from the fastest guy out there. Even though he has such great positioning defensively, when he gets caught too far up the ice, he gets exposed severely. His skating needs more work than just about anything else in his game, but we must remember that he has only been alive for just over a year.


Lacks sobriety

The benefits of being intoxicated while on the ice are far outweighed by the negatives. Regardless of the fact that he can drink a full keg with ease, his effectiveness and efficiency tends to drop near the end of the game because of it. Some of his past coaches recommend rationing his alcohol intake each period to ensure he doesn’t drink it all at once. 



Bud Knight has never been that selfless teammate everybody wants. Yes, he is a passer, but he doesn’t really care who is scoring as long as he gets the point. He can’t lead a pen to a paper or follow a straight line, and he would rather regurgitate the beer he just drank than have a meaningful conversation with a teammate. In the end, if nobody speaks to him, the team usually does quite well. 




There’s no saying how well Bud Knight will play and whether or not he will become a VHL(M) star, but we know this much: he will always have a belly full of Bud Light.

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Review: Biggest W. For real though This was a funny rookie Profile not something you see usually leave that to biographies. The pros and cons seemed to make sense, for someone who doesn’t make much sense. You explained things thoroughly. You’re also a Reapers so +5. So that’s a 15/10. (Please Heart)

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Rookie Profile: Bud Knight [2/2]

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