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A Quik insight to Saskatoon's draft strategy.


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SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN -- Rylan Peace became available to the media today about Saskatoon's draft strategies when he dropped the bomb on half the reporters: "With what picks?" 

Saskatoon tried to compete last season - and in doing so - traded away the majority of their picks for the next two seasons, which includes picks from this and the following drafts. While Saskatoon doesn't have any of their 'main flight' of picks, they do possess the additional picks Commissioners add around the VHLM dispersal draft, well they possess all but a fifth round pick this season. Unfortunately that means the only rounds Saskatoon will draft in is the sixth and seventh of this Dispersal draft. 

"It's tough, we don't really have any assets that'll get us some significant draft stock, so we have to keep playing the game I've put us under." Peace stated. "I have some ideas, but we'll most likely be staying pat. Look at the bright side, this gives us a ton of space to sign some promising youth through the waiver markets, give them some top line minutes and present ourselves better instead of stacking up on talent on the draft." 

Saskatoon will certainly be a 'waiver team' this upcoming season, and while it means they might not be very competitive, they were left with a relatively strong roster with Amberback potentially staying down, Palazzo continuing to grow and an intermittent presence of Fylo Gibbles on the back end. Forwards Giantsbane and Purdue will be strong linemates for those wishing to join the Wild through the waiver market. 

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