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  1. Ok now your fucking crazy
  2. 1. How do you expect us to place at the end of the season? 3rd or 4th 2. Which team looks the most dangerous on the ice? It's a tie between Riga and Helsinki 4. Gunnarson and A Red Guy are out with the flu, who straps on the pads? I really don't know Maybe my couch? 5. If there was a NYA Fight Club who would be the defending champ? Nethila Dissanayake Obviously... 6. Who are the real surprises in terms of performance this season league wide? Hmmm Jordan Tonn is doing pretty well... 7. How are you doing? Good
  3. Sri lankan? welcome to the VHL my dude!

  4. 1. How has the team and/or the league been for you so far? Pretty awesome 3. How do you feel about your own performance this early in the season? I am very impressed doing even better then I thought 4. We have played a handful of games so far, do you think we're performing over or under expectations? Idk we are doing as expected 6. What team mate do you think will score the most points this season?My boy Aleksander Rodriguez 9. Which of the two expansion teams do you think will win the cup first? D.C and Prague 10. We have a promising roster that should be good in the future, do you agree? Hell yeah!
  5. F-Sebastian Ironside @Dalton Wilcox