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Wroclaw Times - Eagles Drafted by Vancouver!


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The Wroclaw Times was at the draft covering our man Greg Eagles tonight. There was much suspense in the Eagles camp as to where he would go. Many predicted he would be the 2nd goalie to go in the draft after Rayz Funk but the recent play and rise of Micheal Johnson dropped Eagles to being the 3rd drafted goalie in the draft.


 “ I wish Micheal all the best, he is a great goalie and definitely deserved to be the 2nd goalie drafted. He has worked hard all season and put in the time, I wish him all the best in Malmo” Eagles was quoted saying as Johnson walked up to the stage.  It would still be a while before Greg heard his name, but 13 picks later it was called.


The Vancouver Wolves chose Greg Eagles with their 19th overall pick. The 18-year-old from Poland was delighted at his draft destination.


“It’s awesome to go to Vancouver,” said Eagles, “I was born in Poland but grew up in Canada and I know how crazy the fans are about hockey which is great. I also appreciate Vancouver drafting me, they won’t regret the pick. I believe they got a big steal” he added.


Eagles, was excited to go to a well run organization with a chance at winning the cup in the future


“It’s great to go to such a great organization,” he said.


The six-foot-one 180-pounder likens his style to goalie Ed Belfour just a lot more agile and is described by VHL scouts as having amazing rebound control “with an excellent glove hand and great agility.”

Eagles called himself an Butterfly goalie but said he is working on a hybrid style of play which combines a little of butterfly and standup.


Asked if he was ready to contribute right away, Eagles replied: “That’s my goal … I want to come to training camp and show what I’ve got but at the same time I understand that I may need to backup for 1-2 seasons and that is OK with me, I am here to try and help Vancouver win”


There has been rumors floating around that Eagles may be the started in Vancouver after they traded away Sterling. It is believed the battle for #1 will be between Eagles and Nixon.


“I like challenges,” he said. “I’m not going to change anything in my game. It doesn’t matter to me whether im a starter or a backup. I’m just happy to be a Vancouver Wolf right now.”


Eagles then drew laughs from the Vancouver media when he added “I’m going to go there and work my” pausing before choosing the word “hardest.”


It is now up to Eagles to play well in training camp and earn that starter role. He has vowed to work hard and to prove all the team’s that didn’t pick him that they missed a great opportunity.

We here at Wroclaw Times will follow Greg on his journey to Vancouver and keep all our readers up to date on all that is happening

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