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Michael Johnson Journals #69


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Holy, I realized this week how it's going to be in the league. We've been working our asses off every single day and all it takes it for me to have a bad game. Granted, I'll be super pumped when I get it all together. I knew this season is going to be a tough season since it was my first time at the highest level of hockey. I'm having fun though, honestly. I've been getting lots of advice and positivity from all the vets in the league and especially from my teammates. I've been hitting the gym really hard in order to increase my speed and acceleration. I realized I needed this skillset in order to play the type of game that will be compatible with me. I'm trying to go the 2011 Tim Thomas style, aggressive but smaller and very difficult to beat in the net. I've been increasing my size, agility and skating so I can help supplement my reactions which in turn helps the core skill sets in hand speed, style, and rebounds. We have some huge expectations for me in a few seasons. I really do not want to move to another VHL team so I've been working my butt off to stay here.


Okay, one thing I noticed about people here in Sweden is that nobody likes to do small talk at all and when they do, they go into the very gory details thats going on in their life. It's nice being in a city thats anti-social as hell but when speaking with people, they're willing to share all their gory details like how their kids are a pain in the ass or the dentist pulled a tooth out and changed 500 euros for it. Also, everyone in public try to talk cute, like if you were talking to a baby. Guys talk to guys this way, its normal.... Like its a social norm out here. What the hell? It's weird, I still love Malmo but I got to get used to the norms over here. 


Oh, Shad sent over some new training regimes to improve my explosiveness. He said that this might be the program for the rest of the year since this type of training takes time and consistency to grow. I've been running this program for the past week and every single muscle in my body is being used. The recovery process is very rigorous and to be honest, I've never been so tired or sore. Rub A535 has literally been my best friend, I'm almost putting it into the family section. I also started to go to a chiropractor and got some electric acupuncture done on my right shoulder the other day. It was strange to feel all the blood flowing on my right arm all over again. To be fair, it was also weird to be on a table while the right side of my back was twitching and somehow that ties with my pecs and arm but hey, let's trust the process. Even though it's a chiropractic process.


Michael Johnson

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